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Taking the Placement Test Outside the CCAC Area

CCAC offers free placement testing on each campus. However, remote placement testing is available to applicants outside the geographic region. You may take the COMPASS Placement Test at any authorized Remote ACT/COMPASS testing site (there are over 550 located throughout the United States). These testing centers typically charge a fee between $20 and $45. Currently, there are no Remote ACT/COMPASS testing sites in Allegheny County or surrounding counties. The CCAC Counseling Office will help you to determine the appropriate test package and a testing center where you can take the test

Important Information: Please read all of the following carefully before calling to sign up for your remote test

  • All students must be admitted to CCAC before taking a placement test.
    • To apply on-line or download the manual form, click here
    • You will receive confirmation of your acceptance via mail
    • Once you are accepted, and prior to registration for classes, you are required to complete the Online Student Orientation, AND, you must contact the Counseling Office to sign up for a Remote COMPASS Placement Test
    • The placement test will measure your skills in writing, reading, and mathematics


  • Before contacting the Counseling Office to sign up for a remote placement test, please have the following information handy:
    • Your CCAC ID Number (which is assigned after applying for admission)
    • SAT or ACT Math scores, if applicable (see Exemptions below)
    • SAT Verbal or ACT Reading scores, if applicable (see Exemptions below)
    • College transcript with transferable English or Mathematics credits (if applicable)
    • A current, active email address.


  • Contact the Allegheny Campus Counseling Office at 412.237.2565 or 412.237.2764
    • You will speak with a Counselor to determine the appropriate test package, and to sign you up for testing at a remote test site.
    • Prior to calling, you can search for a testing site near you by visiting COMPASS Remote Test Site Locator.


  • What To Expect Once You Are Signed Up
    • You will receive an e-mail confirmation with detailed instructions for scheduling your test
    • At the time of your test, you will be required to present a valid, government- issued photo ID (e.g., driver’s license, state ID, passport, etc.)
    • You will need your CCAC ID number in order to log on to the test
    • All necessary testing materials will be provided for you at the testing center
    • The test is computer-based and is untimed
    • You should allow approximately 2 hours for the entire test session
    • You are permitted to retest in any or all portions of the test, one time only, by obtaining permission from the Counseling Office where you originally signed up for your test
    • After  you have completed your test and scores have been posted to your record at CCAC, you will receive an e-mail with "Next Steps"


  • Exemptions from Taking the COMPASS Placement Test
    • Math: If you have an SAT Math score of 520 or higher; or, an ACT Math score of 21 or higher, you are eligible for MAT108 or its equivalent. If you are seeking placement in a higher level math course, you may need to take the Math portion of the placement test.
    • Reading: If you have an SAT Critical Reading score of 510 or higher; or, an ACT Reading score of 21 or higher, you are exempt from the Reading portion of the placement test.
    • Writing: No exemptions. All must take the Writing portion of the test.
    • To access your SAT scores, log on to:
    • To access your ACT scores, log on to:
    • If you have successfully completed college-level English and/or mathematics at a College or University accredited by a recognized accrediting agency, you may not be required to complete a Placement Test. However, you must provide a copy of your college transcript when you meet with an academic advisor to register for classes.