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Community College of Allegheny County

RN Achievement Program

RN Achievement Program Overview

The RN Achievement Program offers a special opportunity at CCAC. With the help of a federal grant, students can ensure their success by earning an associate’s degree in Nursing. Students will participate in carefully designed cohort courses that will complement the required nurse course offerings. Cohort participants will have access to study groups, individual tutoring and scholarships.

CCAC case managers offer individual assistance in developing and implementing educational goals. Access to the assistance and counseling of development specialists is also available. These professionals work with each student, providing personalized assistance to help students launch careers in nursing.



RN Achievement Program Opportunities
(CCAC-Allegheny Campus RN Achievement Program Fact Sheet PDF) 

Program participants will be offered many opportunities through the program. These include:

  • access to tutoring for math, science, study skills and English as a second language;
  • the benefit of a case manager who will work closely with the cohort group of students;
  • the benefit of a social worker who is available for the students in this program;
  • the benefit of participating in a cohort group that has been demonstrated to dramatically increase the chance for success;
  • a monthly stipend for pre-nursing students; and
  • scholarships for nursing students following their admission to the program.

RN Achievement Program Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must:

  • attend CCAC–Allegheny Campus as a full-time student;
  • have a minimum high school GPA of 2.80;
  • participate in all RN Achievement Program activities; and
  • qualify for at least one area of disadvantage:
    • belong to a minority group underrepresented in nursing: African American, Asian, Hispanic, American   Indian, Alaskan Native or be a male of any race.
    • be eligible for Pell Grant funding.
    • have graduated from a high school designated as disadvantaged. 

RN Achievement Application Process

To apply for RN Achievement, applicants must first apply to the college and then to the RN Achievement Program. Applicants also need to apply for FAFSA (student financial aid) at Applicants do not have to qualify for financial aid, but must apply.

For additional information on CCAC’s RN Achievement Program, call 412.237.4647.

CCAC–Allegheny Campus
808 Ridge Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Program Schedule for RN Achievement

Pre-entry Year First Semester Credits 
BIO-110 Intro to Biological Science or  
BIO-151 General Biology4
MAT-108 Intermediate Algebra or 
MAT-106 Mathematics for Health Sciences4
ENG-101 English Composition 13
NSG-110 Culture of Nursing2
Second Semester 
BIO-161 Anatomy & Physiology 14
PSY-101 Introduction to Psychology 3
ENG-102 English Composition 23
NSG-120 Leadership in Community Health 2
Summer Bridge  
BIO-175 Microbiology  
CNA Certified Nursing Assistant**4
Nursing Program—Year 1 
First Semester 
NUR-110 Foundation & Health Promotion 
Concepts for Nursing Practice6
NUR-120 Health Assessment Concepts for Nursing Practice2
NSG-190 Introduction to a Theoretical Framework 
for Clinical Problem Solving3
BIO-162 Anatomy & Physiology 24
Second Semester 
NUR-130 Basic Health Concepts for Nursing Practice6
NUR-140 Evidence Based Nursing Drug Therapy3
PSY-108 Human Growth & Development3
Summer Bridge  
Humanities Elective 3
Nursing Externship 
Nursing Program—Year 2  
First Semester 
NUR-210 Professional Nursing Concepts2
NUR-220 Adult Health Concepts for Nursing Practice 4
NUR-230 Family Health Concepts for Nursing Practice 4
NSG-250 Cognitive Approach to Problem Solving3
Second Semester 
NUR-240 Complex Health Concepts for Nursing Practice7
NUR-250 Leadership & Management Concepts 3
NSG-260 Concept & Topic Analysis3
NCLEX Preparation 
Minimum Credits to Graduate68

**This is a non-credit course consisting of 168 hours of classroom and clinical instruction. 

This project is supported by funds from the Division of Nursing (DN), Bureau of Health Professions (BHPR), Health Resources and Services (DHHS) under Grant #D19HPO9222, Nursing Workforce Diversity, for the total award of $1,211,852.