Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

Honors-Designated Courses

Honors courses at CCAC add more depth and competencies to the existing versions of courses.  Students in Honors courses are engaged in academic enhancements that take them to higher levels of understanding and application of knowledge or skills than non-honors courses might allow.  Honors courses should engage and challenge highly-capable students and allow them opportunities to take responsibility for and provide direction to their own learning. 

HON ! WIP2Honors courses can be taken only by students in the Honors Program and enrollment is limited to 18 students. Honors courses are designated in the course catalog with an H next to the course name, such as HIS-229H, Contemporary US History. Some Honors courses are web-enhanced, combining on-line teaching through Blackboard, seminar meetings, and field trips.   

For students not fully funded by another source, Honors courses receive in-county tuition Honors scholarship reimbursement after successful completion of the course, earning a C or better and completing Honors requirements. Refer to the Honors Scholarship section for more eligibility information.

HON Intro Nut.

“When you are a student in an Honors course, you feel as though you are part of an elite group dedicated to a higher standard of learning. Honors courses give you the opportunity to be challenged and inspired. They also provide opportunities to do extra, fun activities which enrich your learning experience. I encourage Honors Students to take advantage of these courses and help promote the Honors Program.”

Michelle Crown, 2010 CCAC Graduate