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Community College of Allegheny County

Membership Information Letter

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

We are writing you on behalf of the Community College African American Caucus (CCAAC), whose primary mission is to support the College‘s commitment to a positive and diverse environment for its internal and external stakeholders along with creating more opportunities for inclusion for its African Americans constituents.

The reason for this letter is simple. The time has come for us to take an active role in assuring the caucus’ long term viability and success. The caucus has gained momentum with several accomplishments that included; 1) the launch of its web page within the CCAC website, 2) a social mixer intended to help reacquaint employees with the caucus and its mission, and multiple meetings with CCAC president, Alex Johnson.

As volunteers serving on the Caucus’ Executive Committee, we seek the support and participation of African American staff at the College. With that objective in mind, the Executive Committee has decided to launch a membership drive to help the Community College African American Caucus achieve a strong financial foundation and to provide economic assistance to students by establishing a CCAAC scholarship fund. 

Our goal is to donate $500 dollars to the GAP scholarship for the 2010–2011 academic year. CCAAC will contribute fifty percent or $10 per member to the scholarship fund. It’s noteworthy that some of your colleagues have already made individual financial commitments to the scholarship fund. Your donation goes directly to providing financial assistance to a very deserving group of students.

You can help make this happen by please returning the attached membership application along with a check (payable to CCAAC) to your campus representative.

Allegheny Campus–Theodore Ketchum 
North Campus–David Young 
Boyce Campus–Tempie Boddy 
South Campus–Mike Rose  
Office of College Services–Sharon Gregory-Brown

If you have questions or need additional information about the Caucus, feel free to contact any campus representative or visit our web page.

Very Sincerely,


Theodore Ketchum, Allegheny Campus  
Donna Madison, Office of College Services 
Dawn Gallimore, Allegheny Campus  
Mike Rose, South Campus
Mary Henderson, Allegheny Campus
Sharon Gregory-Brown, Office of College Services 


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