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College Council Meeting Minutes October 28, 2010

October 28, 2010
Office of College Services Board Room





Richard Allison
Maryann Anderson
Mary Frances Archey
John Dziak
Carl Francolino
Rita Gallegos
Jane Greenwood
Donna Imhoff
Nancy Jenkins
Evelyn Kitchens-Stephens
Rachel Matheis
Bonnie Ordonez
Maura Stevenson
Barbara Thompson
Stephen Wells 

Shirley Harr

Charles Blocksidge
Francis (Kip) Deleonibus
Fran Dice
Gretchen Mullin-Sawicki
Mike Sullivan
Allysen Todd

Maryann Anderson, College Council Chair, called the meeting to order at 2:35 PM.


Rita Gallegos moved to accept the minutes of the College Council meeting of October 14, 2010. Donna Imhoff seconded the motion and the minutes were approved as amended.



Carl Francolino reported that the Subcommittee met the previous week, and discussed how the College might become a more paperless community.  

Erin Pierce discussed an emerging business model for publishers which will allow students to read text books online or download them as a pdf  file.


Proposal: Bio-Remediation Certificate Program
Allysen Todd along with Charles Blocksidge presented the proposal for a certificate program which will be offered at Allegheny and South Campuses that will train students for employment in the Marcellus Shale industry. One of the major problems of the industry is the treatment of the frac water produced when extracting natural gas from the Marcellus Shale. The certificate includes training in the operation of equipment, and the oversight of the process of treating the waste water produced from mining the shale and turning it into an environmentally safe product. The Marcellus Shale industry will continue to create a tremendous number of jobs in this region. 

Dr. Todd and Dr. Blocksidge worked with Allegheny General Hospital’s Allegheny-Singer Research Institute, Frac Biologic and scientists from Montana State University to design the curriculum.  The certificate program includes all exiting CCAC courses with the capstone being the 120 hour internship with Frac Biologic.

Mary Frances Archey commented on the number of prerequisites necessary for the courses included in the curriculum, which makes it more than a 29-credit program. Bonnie Ordonez noted that the credit count for the first semester was in error, and credits were changed from 12-13 to 13-14, resulting in the minimum credits to graduate being 29-30. Maryann Anderson questioned BTC 240p, Biotechnology Internship which is part of the program.  BTC 240p has BTC 101 as a prerequisite; however this prerequisite will be waived by the coordinator of the program. There did not seem to be a convenient way to alert students that this prerequisite will always be waived.

Carl Francolino moved to accept the proposal. Jane Greenwood seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.

Proposal: Fire Science Administration (FSA) Proposal
Gretchen Mullin-Sawicki presented the proposal, along with Francis (Kip) Deleonibus. Mr. Deleonibus is an adjunct faculty member, a long-time firefighter for the City of Pittsburgh, and a member of the Fire Science Advisory Board. The changes recommended in the proposal are the result of meetings with the advisory board as well as changes in the Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education (FESHE) model which is the industry standard.

The proposed changes included removing MAT 108 from the curriculum. MAT 090 is a prerequisite for CHM 109, Introduction to Chemistry which is sufficient. CIT 100, Introduction to computers was moved to the first semester. FSA 202, Fire Apparatus and Equipment was removed and POL 110, State and Local Government was replaced with PSY 107, Human Relations.

Mr. Deleonibus explained that following the FESHE model is important so that students may transfer to other institutions. As an example, Point Park will accept all but two of the courses into their Public Management program.

Donna Imhoff commented that the information regarding the State and National certifications that will be accepted in place of courses in the Associates and Certificate programs should be very visible to advisors.

Carl Francolino moved to accept the proposal. Steve Wells seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.

Proposal: Multimedia Web Design Certificate
Mike Sullivan presented the proposal. He explained that the program was developed 10 years ago, but because we lost the faculty member responsible for the program, the program stopped after 5 years. During that time, technology has moved on. Mr. Sullivan was able to procure a grant for new professional-grade software to which students have free access. The certificate enables students to develop skills to enter the web design job market. Changes in the curriculum involve modernizing the curriculum, updating the learning outcomes and requiring CIT 125, Web Development.  

Carl Francolino moved to accept the proposal. Evelyn Kitchens-Stephens seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.

Maura Stevenson mentioned that 6 proposals will be presented at next week’s Subcommittee meeting.


Steve Wells reported that the Subcommittee met last week and heard the following proposal:

Proposal: Academic Calendar for 2014
Fran Dice presented the calendar for 2014 and said there was little public comment, other than the objection to the short breaks in both the Spring and Fall semesters. Boyce Department Heads requested that Fall break coincide with Columbus Day to accommodate public school closures on that day.

Mrs. Dice provided some highlights of the 2014 calendar.  The 15/16 week Spring semester would begin on January 13, followed a week later by the Martin Luther King holiday. A 3-day mid-term break would occur March 3-5. Spring break would be April 17-20 and include the AFT-mandated Good Friday holiday. Classes would end on May 5 and the last day of finals, May 12.

The four, first six and ten-week summer sessions would begin on May 19. The eight-week summer session would begin on June 2 and the second six-week session would begin on June 30.

The 15/16-week Fall 2014 semester would begin on August 18 followed two weeks later by Labor Day. Mid terms would occur the week of October 8 followed by a 2-day Fall break, October 13-14. Thanksgiving break would be Wednesday November 26 to Sunday November 30. Classes would end December 8 with final exams December 9-15. 

It was noted that graduation this year will be May 19 at the Convention Center

Jane Greenwood moved to recommend approval of the 2014 calendar. Rachel Matheis seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously. 

Program/Discipline Review: Biotechnology Program Review
The Program Review was presented by John Law. The Biotechnology Program is a demanding and rigorous program which has gained in popularity since its inception in 2000, due in part to grant-funded scholarships and publicity for the jobs available in this area. The program graduates approximately 5 to 6 students every year. Included in the program is an internship during which students work in hospitals and in the community. This has led to job opportunities for students. 

The Program is offered at Allegheny Campus where the facilities are not ideal.  This will improve with the opening of the new science building in which the Program will have 2 labs. However, the equipment for the program is inadequate, most of which was purchased with the original grant money in 2000. Donna Imhoff urged Mr. Law to continue to request Perkins grant money for equipment. 

The external review was positive for the most part, citing inadequate equipment and a greater need to track graduates. 

Mr. Law said further that curriculum changes were made to the Program two years ago based upon faculty, student, and advisory board input. As a result, there are now two tracks, one of which is a transfer track and the other is a career track. 

Carl Francolino noted that on page 8, the last name “Chew” should be capitalized.

Rita Gallegos moved to accept the Program Review. Barbara Thompson seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.

Steve Wells said there are four Program Reviews which will be presented to Council on November 11. On December 9, Council will hear the hiring recommendations.

Maryann Anderson mentioned that there are questions about faculty who are retiring in light of the language on the guidelines for submitting replacement positions. The language reads, “Remember that replacement faculty for retirement positions (either projected or definite) should not be considered as part of the hiring process.” Mary Frances Archey said this is true for those retiring at the end of the academic year because they may change their minds. However, replacement positions can be submitted for faculty retiring in December.


Evelyn Kitchens-Stephens reported that the Subcommittee met during which there was a hearing for the “Curriculum Options for Students Scoring Below 24 on the Math Portion of the COMPASS Placement Test.” It prompted a stimulating debate, and the Initiator, Dr. Archey decided to withdraw the proposal and submit it at a later date.  

Dr. Kitchens-Stephens also reported that another faculty member, Doralee Brooks, has joined the Subcommittee.

The hearing on the “W” grade will be November 4.


There was no unfinished business.


Maryann Anderson initiated a discussion about the flurry of emails generated regarding the “W” grade proposal. Mrs. Anderson said that she checked the College’s policies and procedures and there is no prohibition against sending mass emails on topics such as this.  Some Initiators of proposals have said they appreciated the debate which has led to their making some modifications.

There was some discussion in past College Council meetings about the possibility of having this debate on a Blackboard site.  This would require all Faculty and others to be enrolled as students which would be a huge undertaking. 

Academic debate such as this is the cost of shared governance and the recipient has the option of deleting the email. Mrs. Anderson will send an email out to the College Community regarding this.

Steve Wells commented that he will continue to inform Program Review initiators to send packets out so they are received by Council members in advance of the meetings.

Mary Frances Archey said that there will be a presentation to the Board of Trustees on the “Tactical Plan on Student Success” after which it will be presented to Council. 

Council is still looking for a representative from Boyce campus. Some faculty have expressed an interest for the Spring semester. 

Maryann Anderson again urged Subcommittee secretaries to post minutes on the Subcommittee websites. 

There being no further business, the meeting ended at 4:57 PM. 

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Thompson
College Council Secretary