Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

An Investment in the Community: Strategic Plan 2011–16

  • Strategic Plan
    The strategic plan was formally adopted by the CCAC Board of Trustees at their January 2012 meeting.

  • 2013-14 Operating Plan
    The operating plan is the vehicle for implementing the 2011–16 Strategic Plan, An Investment in the Community. The operating plan documents the tactics that will be used to support achievement of the objectives of the strategic plan this year.

  • Operating Plan Review
    Quarterly operating plan reviews are a vital component of CCAC’s planning, institutional assessment and budgeting process. It is an opportunity to reflect on what has been accomplished so far and it sets that stage for thinking about goals and resource allocation for the coming year.
    Q2 October-December

  • Scorecard
    The Scorecard(03/13/2014) is organized with multiple measures directly aligned with the seven strategic priorities identified in 2006–11 Strategic Plan. The scorecard provides metrics that link strategic objectives to indicators of effectiveness.

  •  Materials for September 30th College-wide Council Planning Session
    Student Success Matrix 
    Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory 
    Community College Survey of Student Engagement Newsletter, August 2013 
    Community College Survey of Student Engagement Newsletter, September 2013 

  •  Operating Plan Presentation
    This presentation provides an overview of the process for drafting the 2012–13 Operating Plan

  • Operating Plan Template
    Use this template to draft the operating plan for your campus or unit.

  • 2010–11 Operating Plan Final Review
    This progress report is a vital component of CCAC’s planning, assessment and budgeting process. This review is different than others. It’s the last review of an operating plan in the context of the 2006–11 strategic plan. This review functions as a final assessment for the year and, in a sense, the last five years.

  • Periodic Review
    Middle States monitors compliance with accreditation standards in part through the Periodic Review Report (PRR). The executive summary is also available for review. Periodic review is also an opportunity for institutional self-evaluation. The PRR is an assessment of goals, set as recommendations during self-study. PRR also identifies major opportunities and challenges, which may considered during institutional planning efforts.

  •  Visioning Exercise
    This document contains a preliminary follow-up on the visioning exercise from the July 15 planning and visioning session held on South Campus during the College-wide council retreat.

  • Community Forums
    Community forums engage the external community and establish a context for strategic planning. These forums allow panels of external experts to provide planning perspectives on trends and issues in the region resulting in an environmental scan.

  • Demystifying the Unfilled Jobs
    During our community planning forum with Dennis Yablonsky, CEO of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development we learned of tens of thousands of unfilled jobs available in the Pittsburgh Region. Many forum attendees noted a need for more detailed understanding about the jobs behind that number. The Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board conducted an analysis of job openings in the Pittsburgh area. Many of the jobs are aligned with degree programs offered by CCAC. Almost 50% of the openings were in five clusters: management, computer related occupations, sales occupations, office and administrative support, healthcare practitioners and technical occupations.