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College Council Meeting Minutes September 22, 2011

September 22, 2011
Office of College Services Board Room





Richard Allison
Maryann Anderson
Mary Frances Archey
John Dziak
Carl Francolino
Rita Gallegos
Jane Greenwood
Shirley Harr
Donna Imhoff
Nancy Jenkins
Evelyn Kitchens-Stephens
Audrey Rosenthal
Vickie Rostis
Barbara Thompson
Marianne Trale
Stephen Wells 

Maryann Anderson, College Council Chair, called the meeting to order at 2:40 PM. The annual picture of College Council members was taken. The picture is posted on the College Council website.


Evelyn Kitchens-Stephens moved to approve the minutes of the August 25, 2011 meeting of College Council.
Rita Gallegos seconded the motion and the minutes were approved as amended. 

Maryann Anderson reported that Joe Spivak is not able to serve on College Council, and there is now an Arts and Humanities vacancy for North Campus. A notice has been sent out, but as yet there are no volunteers. Since there are no volunteers from the division, any AFT employee from North may serve. Mrs. Anderson commented that it is important to have a full complement of members so that each campus is represented equally.



Steve Wells reported that the Subcommittee met September 15 and discussed several issues. The Subcommittee members are reviewing hiring forms, particularly those used for Counselors and Librarians.  They are also reviewing the forms for teaching faculty to determine if they can better reflect the workload of the Nursing faculty. The dates have been updated and the Subcommittee is reviewing the content. 

The schedule for recommending faculty hires will remain the same, because starting the process early worked well last year. Dr. Johnson said to proceed with the process for recommending faculty hires even though there is a hiring freeze at the moment. The positions accepted last year that have not been filled will not have to be resubmitted.  They will eventually be honored.

The Subcommittee will not be recommending changes to the College calendar this year since the Subcommittee recommended two years last year.

Dr. Wells said that he anticipates many program reviews this year. He said the Subcommittee discussed the normal program review schedule and how it relates to programs with external accreditations. Normally a program is reviewed every five years, but should the schedule be the same as when these programs are accredited? The Subcommittee will consider this and come back with a recommendation.


Evelyn Kitchens-Stephens reported that the Subcommittee met on September 15 and heard two proposals, the Nursing proposal to eliminate the PAX test and the Military Call to Duty Proposal. Both proposals were approved with conditions. The Subcommittee asked that future Nursing proposals be complete when they are submitted, and not be presented in pieces. The Military Call to Duty proposal must follow College policy.


Carl Francolino reported that the Subcommittee met on September 15. There are many faculty who are members, but they are still lacking a Secretary since there isn’t a representative from North Campus.

The Subcommittee reviewed their responsibilities, and heard a distance learning update. There were six different upgrades over the summer, and Blackboard is working well on the new server. There was also discussion on distance learning testing at Allegheny Campus.

In attempt to standardize terminology so it is consistent with other colleges and universities, the College will rename “distance learning” to “online learning,” “web-enhanced courses” to  “hybrid courses” and “DVD courses” will still be called “DVD courses.”

The Subcommittee will look at Moodle which is an alternative to Blackboard, in an attempt to keep up with all aspects of online learning. The Subcommittee will see a demonstration of the  ProctorCam service which provides proctored testing at remote locations. Their service is geared to community colleges.


Programs with Learning Outcomes Numerated
Rita Gallegos presented the list of programs that required the learning outcomes to have numbers rather than bullets. No other changes were made. 

  1. Civil Engineering Tech Certificate (277.1)
  2. Foodservice Lodging and Recreation Management (405.2)
  3. Foodservice Management Certificate (407.2)
  4. Heating and Air Conditioning (313.1)
  5. Heating and Air Conditioning Certificate (312.1)
  6. Heavy Equipment Operating Engineers Apprenticeship Certificate (740)
  7. Homeland Security (615)
  8. Homeland Security Certificate (616)
  9. Lodging and Recreation Management Certificate (406.2)
  10.  Pre-Health Professions (033.1)
  11.  Sheet Metal Worker Apprenticeship (379)
  12.  Stationary Operating Engineer Certificate (730.1)
  13.  Technical Theatre Diploma (125)
  14.  Welding Technology Certificate (317.2)

Steve Wells moved to accept the proposal. Donna Imhoff seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.


There was no unfinished business.


Program Review Responses
Mary Frances Archey distributed the Program Review Responses for 2010-11. In the process of program review, the faculty members and/or external reviewers generate a list of recommendations. Within this document, the recommendations are indicated as rejected with reasons stated, referred back to the faculty, or referred to the coordinating dean.

President’s Council
Maryann Anderson reported on the September 13 meeting of President’s Council. The meeting dealt with informational topics.

The function of the budget review committee was presented. This committee is investigating suggestions for the College to save money. The college community has been asked to send suggestions to campus representatives. The committee is focusing on where large savings can occur.

President’s Council discussed feedback on distance learning and asked for feedback on increasing the enrollment numbers to 38. Carl Francolino said that he has participated in discussions regarding this. Faculty are happy to help in the short term, but are concerned about pedagogy in the long term. Faculty would like to hear that this is a short term solution, but there has been a lack of communication regarding this.

There was a presentation by Sumana Misra-Zets in which she outlined the civil rights audit for the Office of Civil Rights. It is a massive study similar to Middle States, and nearly everyone in the College will be involved. Maryann Anderson suggested that we invite Ms. Misra-Zets to address College Council, and everyone agreed. There will be an onsite visit June 2013.

Process of Committees
Maryann Anderson distributed processes for presenting proposals for Curriculum and Academic Standards and Student Affairs which appear on the College Council website. The two Subcommittees will review these and suggest wording changes. Number 9 on the Curriculum Process Directions could be corrected to read,” Following the Curriculum Subcommittee hearing, the initiator will make any required changes and mail the entire corrected proposal to each member of College Council (CC). CC members must receive the corrected proposal at least five business days in advance of the CC meeting at which the initiator’s proposal is to be considered by the Council.”  

There being no further business, the meeting ended at 3:50 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Thompson
College Council Secretary