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Graduates in the Paralegal Associate of Science degree program can find employment in the public and private sectors as paralegals and legal assistants. Employers include banks, real estate offices, title companies, brokerage houses, corporations, governmental agencies and with lawyers and law firms. In the Allegheny County area, entry-level salaries average $29,320 with experienced salaries averaging $48,400. Overall salaries average $42,040. Twenty-eight annual openings are expected in the Three Rivers Area over each of the next ten years, an increase of 7.94%1. Over 240 annual openings are projected in Pennsylvania through 20183.

National Level:

On a national level, paralegals and legal assistants held about 247,940 jobs in 2010 and are employed in nearly every industry. A minimum of an associate’s degree is required for most positions. In 2010, the median annual wages of paralegals and legal assistants were $46,680. The middle half of the occupation earned between $36,230 and $59,910. The top 10% of paralegals and legal assistants earned more than $74,870, and the bottom 10% earned less than $29,460.

Employment Growth:

Employment of paralegals and legal assistants is projected to grow by 28% from 2008–2018, which is about as fast as the average for all occupations. This occupation is one of the largest growth occupations in the economy, with approximately 74,100 new jobs expected over the projection’s decade2.

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