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Pharmacy Technician 518.2 - Employment

Employment Page Pharmacy TechGraduates in the Pharmacy Technician Associate of Science degree program can find employment in retail, hospitals and infusion companies. They assist registered pharmacists with the compounding and distribution of medications, develop intravenous admixtures and provide other pharmaceutical supplies. They measure, mix, count out, label and record amounts and dosages of medications according to prescription orders.

Salary & Growth


In the Allegheny County area the entry-level salary is $20, 250 per year with the annual average wage being $25,720 and the experienced rate of $28,450. Over the next seven years, the Pharmacy Technician field will grow at a rate of 31.73% and will generate approximately 155 openings per year1.


The yearly wage for the pharmacy technician in the state of Pennsylvania ranges from the entry-level of $18,300 to $38,900 for a more experienced individual. The growth rate is expected to be 30% from 2008–2018 and will provide 910 job openings2.

National Level:

Nationally, the projected growth from 2008–2018 is much faster than average, at 20% or higher, which will produce approximately 182,000 pharmacy technician job openings. The salary ranges from $18,300 to $40,7003.

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