Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

Radiologic Technologist Program Mission Statement

Community College of Allegheny County Boyce Campus Radiologic Technology Associate Degree
Program is committed to produce competent entry-level radiographers that perform within the
health care industry.

Assessment Plan 2012-2014                        2009–2013 Five Year Summary of Graduates
   2009-2013 Program Completion Rates

Program Goals:

  • Function as competent, technically proficient entry-level technologists who can apply and
    perform safe patient care radiation protection practices according to industry standards.
  • Utilize safe methods to provide patients with minimized radiation dose levels during imaging procedures.
  • Operate diagnostic imaging X-ray units to meet standardized protocols under the direction of radiologists.
  • Manipulate equipment functions to produce quality radiographic images.
  • Exhibit professional characteristics required by the radiologic technology profession.

Student/Graduates Goals measured to meet Program Goals:

  • Students and graduates will be clinical competent.
  • Students will assess situations; employ critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Students will demonstrate professionalism.
  • Students will communicate to meet industry standards.

Student/Graduate Learning Outcomes assessed to meet Program and Student Goals:

Clinical Competence:

  • Students will manipulate radiation exposure factors for examinations.
  • Students will adapt to patient needs and utilize positioning skills to appropriately demonstrate
    anatomical structures for examinations.
  • Students will apply radiation protective devices for patient safety.

Critical Thinking/Problem Solving:

  • Students will calculate exposure factors to produce diagnostic radiographs.
  • Students will be able to perform alternative patient positions for trauma procedures.
  • Students will calculate radiation exposure factors to reduce patient dose.


  • Students will analyze the importance of professional development.
  • Students will complete the program.
  • Students will explore advanced careers in the Imaging Profession.

Communication Skills:       

  • Students will utilize oral and written communication skills.
  • Students will be able write a research paper.

Approved: 2012
Updated: March 2013
Updated: December 2013

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