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Emanuel V. DiNatale

Alum Credits CCAC for Great Opportunities

Emanuel DiNatale (’76, Boyce) was born and raised in Pittsburgh’s East End. One of five children in the DiNatale family, he attended Peabody High School, played basketball in the neighborhood and worked in a butcher shop on Larimer Avenue. Manny had never really thought about wanting more, but after a post-graduation trip to Florida, he thought maybe he should attend college. Two days later, he was enrolled at CCAC–Boyce Campus, a decision that ultimately changed his life.

Like any 17-year-old just starting out, Manny faced many obstacles including finances, transportation, immaturity and a lack of long-term thinking, but he stuck it out at Boyce. CCAC had just built the campus, it was new and exciting and everyone seemed to know each other. There were other students from his neighborhood and the camaraderie at the campus helped to make Boyce a fun place.

Manny started as a Pharmacy major and was doing well, but midway through his first chemistry class he couldn’t relate and began to lose interest. He spoke with his instructor and expressed an interest in changing his major to Accounting. The instructor gave him great advice, encouraging him to look at liberal arts classes in addition to accounting classes to better discover his interests rather than changing majors immediately. He told Manny that this would help him know better what he wanted to do and he wouldn’t have to change majors a third time. Taking his advice, Manny ended up in a protest writing course, which he loved. The instructor was interesting, the class was diverse and the discussion was very active. Though he did change his major to Accounting, he credits this class with his love for the works of author Jerzy Kosinski.

Manny worked at the butcher shop during most of his CCAC years and he worked summers at Westinghouse Electric and the City of Pittsburgh. During his last semester at CCAC, he got a job at Mellon Bank in their check processing department. A part-time job at night, it offered tuition reimbursement, which allowed him to continue his education. Upon receiving his AS from CCAC, becoming the first person in his family to finish college, he enrolled at Robert Morris University and earned a BS in accounting and an MS in taxation. Manny says that his years at CCAC gave him the chance to get a degree, which in turn opened the doors to opportunities that he would not have otherwise considered.

After graduation from RMU, Manny went to work for the Soffer Organization and a small accounting firm before finally moving to Alpern Rosenthal. Over the last 30 years, he has helped to grow that organization from one office with 25 people to four offices employing 250 people. Manny served as the chairman of the board from 1997 to 2008 and remains on the board today. All of this, he says, would not have happened without CCAC giving him a start and a direction in life. Without CCAC, he probably would not have gone to college and he has a great respect for the institution.

Manny now serves on the boards of the West Penn Allegheny Health System, the Western Pennsylvania Hospital, the CCAC Educational Foundation and Provident Charter School and he holds multiple professional affiliations. He is married to the former Carla Monaco of Bloomfield and they have two children: Emanuel III, who was a CCAC Dean’s List honoree and now attends the University of Pittsburgh and Laura, who attends Florida Atlantic University. A self-described “Italian dad,” his greatest hope for his children is that they become independent and happy in their lives. He enjoys golf, cycling and reading.

Manny loves his work at Alpern Rosenthal. He is proud of the firm’s legacy of providing careers and development opportunities to young professionals and livelihoods for many families. His advice for CCAC students and alumni is that there is nothing they can’t do; if they work in a field that makes them happy, the career and money will follow.

Emanuel DiNatale