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College Council Meeting Minutes September 27, 2012

September 27, 2012
Office of College Services Board Room





Richard Allison
Maryann Anderson
Mary Frances Archey
Elizabeth Claytor
Carl Francolino
Rita Gallegos
Shirley Harr
Donna Imhoff
Nancy Jenkins
Evelyn Kitchens-Stephens
Sharon Mills
Audrey Rosenthal
Vickie Rostis
Barbara Thompson
Marianne Trale
Stephen Wells 

John Dziak

Tanya Sander-Marks

Maryann Anderson, College Council Chair, called the meeting to order at 2:30 PM. 


Rita Gallegos moved to approve the minutes of the August 23, 2012 meeting of College Council. Evelyn Kitchens-Stephens seconded the motion and the minutes were approved as amended.  



Steve Wells distributed the timeline for hiring and the revised forms.  Dr. Wells reminded Council members that when only the dates are changed on forms, the forms do not have to be approved by Council.

Highlights of the hiring timeline include:
October 26 - Department Heads submit hiring requests to Deans
November 8 - Prioritized list of hiring requests must be submitted to Academic Planning
December 6 - Academic Planning hearing
December 13 - Academic Planning submits recommendations to College Council

It is not known how many hires there will be this year, and if the Faculty Fellow Program will continue.

Dr. Wells presented some findings regarding hirings for August 2011 to August 2012.  Last year there were 18 permanent hires; however, there were 20 vacancies due to retirements and other reasons. We are not quite keeping up.

The 18 new hires represent considerable cost saving to the College. Of the 18 new positions, 12 were hired at the Instructor level or below. Of those twelve, eight of the positions were teaching faculty, and four were Educational Technicians.

Dr. Wells added that full-time staffing in the core disciplines is still shrinking.

The Subcommittee tried to examine where there might be delays in hiring and discovered there was no one key factor. It can take eight months to finalize a position, but there is no one place where a bottleneck occurs. Positions can be posted, but hires cannot be made until the Board approves the budget.

There are some problem areas where it is extremely difficult to fill positions, such as HVAC and Massage Therapy. There was discussion regarding if there should be special considerations or allowances for programs that will disappear without full-time faculty. There was some discussion whether these positions should be filled automatically. While that would make hiring somewhat easier, Mary Frances Archey warned that the more positions guaranteed, the less review there is by governance. Council requested that the Subcommittee look at special circumstances and other hiring considerations.

There was also discussion regarding letters of retirement and if positions can be requested if the letter of retirement is in hand. A position is not vacant until the day a faculty member actually retires because a retirement can be rescinded. However, if there is a retirement for which the College has a letter of retirement in hand, then the information should be noted in the narrative that accompanies the hiring request.

Program Review Submission Directions Document
Steve Wells also distributed a process for Program Review. They are step by step directions similar to those for the Curriculum Subcommittee. The document will be posted on the Academic Planning website.

The only changes to the form were in numbers 6 and 8 in which 3 business days was changed to 5 business days.

Academic Planning also received program reviews for the Central Services Technician Program and Respiratory Therapy Program. Respiratory Therapy was a carryover from last year. They will be presented to College Council at the next meeting.


Evelyn Kitchens-Stephens reported that Fran Dice presented a proposal on directory information as it relates to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of students. Because of FERPA, information regarding students is withheld from all agencies including those that could provide valuable opportunities to students. The proposal would allow information to be sent, but only to agencies carefully screened by the College. The Subcommittee requested that students have the option of opting out of their information being disseminated. Once that was added to the proposal, the proposal passed and will be presented to Council at the next meeting.

Charles Bostaph will be presenting a proposal on mandatory orientation. There are some concerns regarding enforcement.


Carl Francolino reported that the Subcommittee has had one meeting. The Subcommittee will be exploring lecture capture options and the technology surrounding it. Mr. Francolino also discussed potential CIT internship possibilities with our IT Department. He also reported that there are not enough full-time faculty members on the Subcommittee and that there are several adjuncts who are interested in serving.


Rita Gallegos reported that proposals on Surgical Technology and Multi Media Communications will be coming soon. The Subcommittee will also be dealing with the issue of General Education. Mrs. Gallegos questioned whether it should be sent back to the Initiator since there is some controversy.  It was recommended that it go forward in the Subcommittee, and that the issues be considered in the hearing.

Carl Francolino commented that the proposal is about general education goals not about requirements of specific programs. The proposal has gone through the beginning governance process, it was announced, comments were made, and it now goes to Curriculum.

Mary Frances Archey commented that there are two different issues; one is how to refine general education goals, the other is what is included in the general education certificate. They are entirely different issues.


Last Day for Proposal Submissions for 2012-2013
Maryann Anderson provided clarification regarding the last day that proposals can be submitted. The final day for Initiators to send out new proposals to the College Community for comment is April 11th. The proposal would then be heard at the April 18th Subcommittee meeting. Following approval at the Subcommittee level, the proposal would then go to College Council either April 25th or May 9th.


Group Photo
Tanya Sander-Marks was present to take a group photo of the members of College Council for the College Council website.

President's Council
Maryann Anderson reported that President's Council met on Sept 17th. Dr. Johnson discussed his efforts to share information about our college and community colleges in general on the state and national levels. Dr. Johnson has been sharing the financial situation as well as the goals of community colleges. Other issues presented included:

  • Charles Blocksidge presented information about the Labor Management Institute.
  • There will be a civil right audit in June 2013. Auditors from the Office of Civil Rights will be here for a week.
  • Work Force Training has received a grant from the Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training Initiative (TAACCCT-I) along with 14 other community colleges. Our portion will be used for mechatronics training.
  • Rose DiCola from the Educational Foundation reported that the foundation has raised $34 million for the Imagine and Achieve project. The goal is $40 million.
  • The Leadership Institute will be starting a new year. The goal is to develop new leaders for the future. Responding to a question, grant-funded employees can also participate.

Mary Frances Archey reported that the Math Cafés are open and operating. Dr. Archey encouraged faculty to send students as appropriate. She also reported that the college has received the Title III grant which will provide $1.59 million over 5 years. The grant will provide tutoring and developmental reading and writing for students who are at the lower level. The College is looking to establish Learning Commons at each campus.

There being no further business, the meeting ended at 3:56 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Thompson
College Council Secretary