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College Council Meeting Minutes November 8, 2012


November 8, 2012
Office of College Services Board Room





Richard Allison
Maryann Anderson
Elizabeth Claytor
John Dziak
Carl Francolino
Rita Gallegos
Donna Imhoff
Evelyn Kitchens-Stephens
Sharon Mills
Audrey Rosenthal
Vickie Rostis
Barbara Thompson
Marianne Trale
Stephen Wells 

Mary Frances Archey
Shirley Harr
Nancy Jenkins

Ben Blazer
Anne Louise Dailey
Fran Dice
Steven Dodin
Gretchen Mullin-Sawicki
Charles Noel
Michael Sullivan
Allysen Todd

Maryann Anderson, College Council Chair, called the meeting to order at 2:33 PM. 


Steve Wells moved to approve the minutes of the October 11, 2012 meeting of College Council. Marianne Trale seconded the motion and the minutes were approved as presented. 



Evelyn Kitchens-Stephens reported that the November 1st meeting was cancelled. At the next meeting, the Subcommittee will hear a proposal on remote placement testing.

Proposal:  Directory Information (FERPA):  add student mailing addresses and email addresses to CCAC's items included in directory information
Fran Dice presented the proposal which would allow the College to disseminate  a limited amount of students' directory information to interested parties vetted by the College. Mrs. Dice referred to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 which was formerly known as the Buckley Amendment.

The College has always been very careful to protect grades and social security numbers of students, especially at this critical time when personal privacy is in danger of being violated. FERPA has been amended by the Federal government several times to keep it relevant with the current climate. FERPA has determined that there are some pieces of information that  will always be protected, and some directory information that can be public.

Directory information is information that would not be damaging to students if it became public. Currently we do not disclose any names and addresses;  however, we have received requests for this information. There are politicians who would like to send letters of congratulations to our graduates just as they do for graduates of the state universities. The University of Pittsburgh has asked for this same information so they might recruit our graduates.

As the proposal read, postal and email addresses could be shared at the discretion of the college. Barbara Thompson asked who that meant, who could exercise the discretion. As a result, the proposal was amended to specify that directory information can be shared "at the discretion of the Assistant Dean of Academic Management."

Mrs. Dice added that by federal law, the College must notify students of their right to privacy, therefore Mrs. Dice sends an email at the beginning of every semester to each student which allows them to opt out of any directory information being disclosed. Students must complete a form that can be found on the College website which flags the student's record in Datatel if they do not want directory information disclosed.

Barbara Thompson moved to accept the proposal as amended. Marianne Trale seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.


Carl Francolino reported that the Subcommittee did not meet. Upcoming topics for the Subcommittee include an update of the College-wide assessment, the annual online learning review and an internship program for CIT students.


Proposal:  Remove pre-requisite on GGY 202 - Historical Geology
Steve Dodin presented the proposal which would remove the prerequisites of GGY 201, Introduction to Geology and GGY 203, Physical Geology for GGY 202, Historical Geology.

When the course, GGY 202, Historical Geology was first proposed in the 1970's, those prerequisites were appropriate; however, the current textbooks cover that material so the   prerequisites are no longer needed.

There was a correction made to page 5 of the proposal. Learning Outcomes 1 should read "geology" rather than "geography." 

Carl Francolino moved to accept the proposal as amended. Donna Imhoff seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.

Proposal:  PSY 270 - Statistics for the Behavioral and Social Sciences
Anne Louise Dailey presented the proposal. Dr. Dailey explained that this course previously existed; however, when the College went to a single catalog, the Math Department took over all statistics courses and felt this course was not needed. Now, to be in compliance with the Pennsylvania Transfer and Articulation Agreement (TAOC), this course is necessary.  

Donna Imhoff moved to accept the proposal. Steve Wells seconded the motion and the proposal passed unanimously.

Proposal:  Multimedia Web Programming (104.2)
Mike Sullivan and Gretchen Mullin-Sawicki presented the proposal. The changes to the program came as a result of recommendations by the advisory council for the program. They also carefully considered recommendations from the Art Department so not to conflict with the graphic arts design program. Graphic arts creates the design for a website, whereas multimedia web programming puts the design onto the internet.

Dr. Mullin-Sawicki mentioned that there is an articulation agreement with Beatty Tech in which the College accepts three credits of their program into ours.

Vicki Rostis moved to accept the proposal. Carl Francolino seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.

Proposal:  Health & Physical Education (020.1) Proposal
Gretchen Mullin-Sawicki presented the proposal which was the result of recommendations from a 5-year program review.  During the program review, they received feedback from the Education Department that Track D should be revised. The revision included deleting EDU 201 and PSY 201 from the curriculum and replacing them with general education and psychology electives. This will allow students to select their own direction and perhaps make the program more transferrable.

Elizabeth Claytor moved to accept the proposal. Audrey Rosenthal seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.

Proposal:  Maintenance Mechanics Technology (MMT) Proposal
Gretchen Mullin-Sawicki presented the proposal which deletes courses in the building maintenance program that have not been offered in seven years or more. The Building Maintenance Technology Program is no longer offered, and the Facilities Maintenance Technology program has taken its place.

The proposal also updates one course MMT 130, Job Safety and First Aid, which is offered. The Catalog Course Description, Learning Outcomes and Listed Topics have been revised.

The following corrections were made to the revision for MMT 130:
Page 5, change "cardio pulmonary" to "cardiopulmonary" in the Catalog Course Description and Listed Topics 6.
Learning Outcomes 2, change "affect" to "effect."

Evelyn Kitchens-Stephens moved to accept the proposal as amended. Marianne Trale seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.

Proposal:  Add THE 116, Physical Approaches to Acting 1 and THE 219, Physical Approaches to Acting 2
Ben Blazer presented the proposal for the course THE 116, Physical Approaches to Acting 1 and THE 219, Physical Approaches to Acting 2 which have been running successfully as experimental courses for 4 semesters.

Steve Wells moved to accept the proposal. Carl Francolino seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.

Proposal:  Addition of a new Transportation Security Administration Diploma (9 credits) and three new courses
Barry Noel presented the proposal which was developed out of requests from Global Corporate College (GCC), an entity that has been selected by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to roll-out this program nationally. The diploma program consists of three courses on Homeland Security, Intelligence Analysis and Security Management, and Transportation and Border Security.  The curriculum was designed by the GCC. Currently there are 68 TSA employees who are interested in taking the courses which will be taught at the airport. Upon completion of the courses, students may transfer directly into the Homeland Security Program offered by the College, if they choose. The program will be offered in the Spring to TSA employees. After that, the courses will be offered on the campuses to determine if there is interest from the general public.

There were corrections noted on page 5 of the proposal. Item 2 should read in part "...recognizes the untapped potential in the Transportation Security Officers (TSO's) employed at U.S. airports. The TSA believes providing educational opportunities will improve their skill set on the job while helping the TSA meet its goals of improved customer service, skilled employees and employee advancement."

There were additional corrections in the supplement:
Number 2 should read in part, "role and mission of the Transportation Administration."
Number 3 should start, "Explain risk assessment..."
Number 3 becomes number 4.
Number 4 becomes number 5.
Number 5 becomes number 6.
Additional spacing will be removed between numbers 4 and 5 and numbers 5 and 6.

Rick Allison pointed out the difficulty students have getting financial aid for the phlebotomy program because the program is only nine credits. Mr. Allison asked if it was possible to expand the credit offerings for this program. Mr. Noel explained that the program is from Global Corporate College and cannot be altered. When the program moves to the campuses, perhaps it could be altered at that time.

Carl Francolino moved to accept the proposal as amended. Marianne Trale seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously. 

Proposal:  Program 043 Deletion
Allysen Todd presented the proposal which will eliminate the Math Program. This is a result of so few math major graduates.  There were only four graduates between 2006 and 2011. A recent program review as well as a consideration of what would have to be done to the program as a result of the TAOC agreement prompted the math faculty to conclude that the program should be eliminated. Students will still be able to take math courses and then graduate with a math and science associate of science degree which will transfer to four-year institutions. All math courses can stand alone, and nothing would be affected.

The title of the proposal will be changed to "Math Associate Degree 043 Program Deletion." This will allow the program to be searchable.

Barbara Thompson moved to accept the proposal as amended. Audrey Rosenthal seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.


Steve Wells reported that the Subcommittee did not meet. The next meeting will be November 15th at which time the Subcommittee will hear the Math Program Review and the Tourism Management Program Review. The Subcommittee will then meet in executive session to consider hiring recommendations.

There have been 52 hiring requests submitted by the campuses and the Subcommittee is authorized to recommend 10 positions. There were 22 full-time positions lost last year. Since the hiring agreement is not being followed by the College, the Subcommittee does not feel bound to follow the agreement either, therefore retirement positions will not necessarily be recommended to be filled. The open hearing will be December 6th.


There was no unfinished business


Revised Schedule for Program Reviews for 2012-2013
Maryann Anderson distributed  the new schedule for program reviews for this academic year. The list has been reviewed and updated by the Academic Deans.

President's Council
Maryann Anderson reported that she attended the President's Council meeting on October 15th. The topics for discussions included the Math Cafés and preferred names to be used for students. There was a caution that test banks that may be used by faculty might not be  secure. Human Resources presented the results of exit interviews with administrative staff. The leadership development group was surveyed, and their feedback indicated that communications could be increased. The intranet will be coming soon. The Foundation provided a report on the Imagine and Achieve campaign.

There being no further business, the meeting ended at 4:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Thompson
College Council Secretary