Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

Summer Faculty Institute

June 23, 2014
CCAC Boyce Campus

Please join us for the 2014 Summer Faculty Institute sponsored by the Frieda G. Shapira Center for Learning Through Service and the Carl D. Perkins Career & Technical Education Grant.

This year’s one-day conference will be held on Monday, June 23 at CCAC’s Boyce Campus. It is open to all educators and administrators who not only wonder what their students are thinking, but also how they are acquiring, processing and learning new information.

Two leaders in the metacognition field—Leslie Myers and Melissa Terlecki—will share their recent neuroscience findings concerning the study of brain functions. Myers and Terlecki recently received the highest rating from the 2013 Teaching Professor Conference for their presentation on “Keeping the Garage Door Open: Implications of Neuroscience and Learning.”

For more information or to register, contact Janet Varvaro

Summer Faculty Brochure