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Labor and Management Studies

Labor & Management Studies Fact Sheet

Certificate (210.1)  

The Labor & Management Studies (LMS) certificate program is a limited enrollment, workforce program for incumbent workers. This certificate will provide a structured environment where Pittsburgh regional economic issues are discussed from a balanced labor and management perspective.  Through course work, independent study and practical application, this program will enhance an awareness of the labor and management relationship to regional economic development, provide a forum for both labor and management to address critical issues and develop a broad perspective of those issues and challenges facing both in the greater Pittsburgh region. 

Participants in this program are present or future practitioners in labor/management positions such as human resources practitioners, stewards or union officers in a variety of trades and occupations who will be admitted to the program upon submission and approval of the program application. (Selective Enrollment)

Program courses are offered once a year and students will progress through this program as part of a cohort. To meet the certificate requirements, students must plan to complete one summer session.

Upon successful completion of the program, the graduate will:

  1. Articulate fundamental issues shaping regional economic growth.
  2. Compare the varying perspectives that labor and management bring to key regional issues.
  3. Outline the richness and complexity of labor management history, present relations and future challenges in the context of regional development.
  4. Apply learned skills including dialogue and conflict resolution and consensus building.
  5. Relate local economic issues to the challenges of the larger global economy.

See the graduation checksheet for this program in printable PDF form.

Certificate Requirements

Minimum Credits to Graduate: 15 

Course #  

Course Name 


First Semester  



Introduction to Labor & Management Studies


Second Semester



Critical Issues in Pittsburgh Regional Labor &
Management Relations




Labor & Management Research/Portfolio Development 
& Application


Third Semester



Human Capital in Regional Economic Development


Fourth Semester



 Pittsburgh Labor & Management in the Global Economy



1LMS-105 is offered as a web-enhanced course.

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Labor & Management Studies Application

CCAC Labor & Management Institute

Jacqueline M. Cavalier

Robert M. Mill Endowed Professor Labor & Management Studies Coordinator

324 Milton Hall CCAC—Allegheny Campus 808 Ridge Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15212