Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

ITS: Lecture Capture

Faculty may request to participate in the Lecture Capture project to record full or partial live classroom lectures for students to view or review, or record video presentations to supplement traditional or online courses. The Panopto system allows you to easily record classroom sessions, and uploads your recordings to streaming servers. Students in your class will have access to view these recordings via the internet from any PC browser and most mobile devices.

Benefits of online lecture content

Lecture Capture technology is another tool for faculty to build powerful blended learning strategies (this is fastest growing segment of learning). As students engage with content more often, they increase their learning and comprehension. Faculty can facilitate richer classroom discussions because students are not absorbed in note-taking. This also gives faculty the opportunity to deliver supplemental learning in “chunks” for greater retention and learning.

What CCAC students have said about Lecture Capture

  • “It helped me to understand the problem that I didn’t get in class”
  • “Very easy to use, very user-friendly, and they really helped me catch up on material that I missed”
  • “Helped me learn the harder concepts”
  • “I can play again and again until I understand the lecture”
  •  “It gave me a second chance to go over a certain topic…”
  • “Pause, work, play, repeat…”
  • “Helped me understand by going at my own pace”
  • “Didn’t miss material, could re-listen to key parts of lectures”
  • “Knew what was going on in class and not left behind”
  • “Awesome tool”, “Great tool for learning”

- from CCAC Panopto Student Survey, Fall 2011

Opportunities for using Lecture Capture in your classes

To participate in the project, faculty are expected to:

  • Spend one or two learning sessions with an ITS technician on campus by the 3rd week of class
  • Record at least 25% of their class sessions over the course of the term, or at least 5 online learning sessions
  • Submit schedules to ITS and sign in/ sign out equipment if warranted
  • Promote this service to students enrolled in your classes
  • Record Panopto sessions only in designated classrooms or studios that have the software installed; licenses are limited by vendor contract and ITS will install the recording software in an effort to maximize availability to faculty at each campus
  • Participate in forums or discussions to promote lecture capture, if available, or permit ITS to show brief segments of recordings for the purpose of promoting the lecture capture system
  • Participate in periodic feedback sessions and report feedback from students (three times during the term)
  • Abide by ITS procedures for maintaining server files from term-to-term, by conducting cleanup activities in folders when requested (server files are restricted to two terms)
  • Report issues to the ServiceDesk


Faculty who wish to utilize the Panopto system for lecture capture should complete a “Faculty Interest Form” and return as an attachment via email to The Interest Form, and well as other informational resources can be found in the online Moodle course Technology and Learning. (See Section 1 for Lecture Capture; call the ServiceDesk to obtain the enrollment key).