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CCAC Veterans Services is committed to assisting military and veteran students obtaining meaningful employment during their collegiate career and beyond. This page is intended to give you the tools and resources needed obtain the career you seek, whether it is a part time job while in school, or your first job after graduation, we are here to help.

We will continue to update and post job opportunities that we receive from our community partners and CCAC Career Services.

For more information or to let us know about an employment opportunity, please contact us at

Veterans, military students and veterans’ dependents can make an appointment with Dana Jarvis, our veterans student success coach, for employment by email at  In partnership with Dana, our veterans gain a customized career search strategy, focused on success.  He will review your resume with you, discovering strengths and opportunities to take it to the next level.  From there, Dana utilizes various career tools, including the 5 Actions for Career Acceleration.  This model provides a strategic approach towards the utilization of social media, including the power of  Your career is important and we are here to assist.  Let us know how we can help.

Employment Opportunities

The following employment opportunities have been screened by CCAC Veteran Career Services.  Opportunities are in different fields, as represented by the varied types of degrees veteran students are pursuing.  Employment qualifications also align with many veteran technical and leadership skills.  All positions have an estimated salary at or above $30,000, plus any associated benefits.  Positions have been updated as of March 18, 2014.

  1. Overdraft Specialist I – Pittsburgh, PA
  2. Highway Maintenance Supervisor – Canonsburg, PA
  3. Call Center Supervisor – Pittsburgh, PA (North Shore)
  4. Sr Developer/Analyst – Warrendale, PA
  5. Repair Training Instructor – Cranberry Township, PA
  6. Industrial Technical Services Representative – Moon Township, PA
  7. Leasing Manager – Pittsburgh, PA

Veteran Employment Job Boards and Resources

Below are some of the top Job Boards and Resource sites for veterans seeking employment.  Be sure to visit them frequently as jobs rotate on and off.  Please be sure to share with us your success as you journey towards your next employment opportunity.

  2. VA  
  3. USA Jobs for Veterans  
  4. Hire Veterans 
  5. Hire Heroes USA 
  6. Recruit Military 
  7. Stars and Stripes