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Community College of Allegheny County

Boyce Campus Gymnasium

The Office of Student Life at Boyce Campus has modernized for the future by upgrading our gymnasium floor with a high quality wooden playing surface.  This enhancement has advanced our intercollegiate athletic programming, attracted promenent civic tournaments, enabled our ability to host community events, and overall improved the academic and community education offerings for our students.  The photos show the timeline of progression and highlight the details, time, and enthusiasm that went into this highly anticipated renovation.  We welcome prospective students and athletes to come and visit our beautiful facility.


Boyce Campus 2

Boyce Campus Gym 4

Boyce Campus Gym 1


Gymnasium Renovations

Pictures of the new gymnasium floor being installed and painted.

Boyce Campus Gym 7
Community Event
Boyce Campus Karate Event
Boyce Campus Gym 3
Boyce Campus Gym 5
Boyce Campus Gym 6