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College Council Meeting Minutes January 23, 2014

January 23, 2014
Office of College Services Board Room





Richard Allison
Maryann Anderson
Mary Frances Archey
Elizabeth Claytor
John Dziak
Carl Francolino
Rita Gallegos
Shirley Harr
Donna Imhoff
Evelyn Kitchens-Stephens
Gretchen Mullin-Sawicki
Audrey Rosenthal
Vickie Rostis
Barbara Thompson
Marianne Trale

Justin Tatar
Stephen Wells

Dwight Bishop
Yvonne Burns
Ibrahim Garbioglu
Sarah Hansen
Carmen Livingston
Ron Logreco
Bob Russo

Maryann Anderson, College Council Chair, called the meeting to order at 2:31 PM. 


Carl Francolino moved to approve the minutes of the December 12, 2013 meeting of College Council. Rita Gallegos seconded the motion and the minutes were approved as presented. 



Evelyn Kitchens-Stephens reported that the Subcommittee did not meet due to a lack of proposals. Dr. Kitchens-Stephens mentioned that the proposal on the Remote COMPASS Testing, which had been tabled at the January 24, 2013 meeting of Council, will be presented during this meeting under Unfinished Business. A proposal on the Course Repeat Policy by Richard Betters will be forthcoming.


Carl Francolino reported that the Subcommittee met and reviewed the SQL server migration. He remarked that the migration went incredibly well, and was a demonstration of good cooperation between the IT department and several other departments on the campuses. The upgrade will allow the College to store much larger amounts of data.

The online learning report is delayed because they are waiting for data, but will be presented when it is complete.


Proposal:  Mechatronics Associate of Science Program
Gretchen Mullin-Sawicki and Sarah Hansen presented the proposal. Ms. Hansen explained that Workforce Development is currently offering a Mechatronics Program as a non-credit grant-funded program which has been offered since 2006. The grant funding for the Program will end Fall 2014. The proposal would continue the Program as a credit, Associate of Science Program.

Mechatronics covers the following three areas: Robotics and Automation, Instrumentation and Controls Specialization and Supply Chain Technology Specialization. All equipment has been purchased for the program. The proposal allows for the creation of six new courses. The Program is offered at West Hills, but it was noted that South Campus was also included as offering some courses in the Program.

Donna Imhoff questioned the cost of the Program. Ms. Hansen reported that there is an annual cost of approximately $10,000 to calibrate and upgrade the equipment. The Program would be looking to industry partners or the Perkins grant to fund all or part of the cost. Dr. Imhoff also questioned what would motivate someone to complete the Associates Degree Program. Ms. Hansen said that someone wanting to be in a supervisory position would be interested. Dr. Imhoff cautioned that although the Program might begin with 15 students, attrition might reduce that number over time to 2 or 3 students. Dr. Imhoff also mentioned that the fees outlined on page 30 of the proposal must be approved by President's Cabinet before they can be implemented.

Evelyn Kitchens-Stephens asked how a student from the inner city might get to West Hills to take advantage of the programs offered there. Ron Logreco, who was present as a guest, replied that city busses drop off passengers at IKEA in Robinson and students then call a special grant-funded shuttle that takes them from IKEA to West Hills.

Marianne Trale moved to accept the proposal. Carl Francolino seconded the motion. Rick Allison moved to table the proposal to determine if there is sufficient need for a certificate program, and if South Campus actually desires to be included in the Program. Elizabeth Claytor seconded the motion and the motion to table passed unanimously.    

Proposal:  Plumber Apprenticeship (389) Proposal
Ron Logreco presented the proposal. The Plumber Apprenticeship Program is a union program which has not been updated in ten years. The plumbers union does the recruiting and admissions of students. The proposal updates many of the learning outcomes, mentions green technology when appropriate and uses Bloom's taxonomy language throughout.

Barbara Thompson asked if the title of the proposal could be more descriptive which is very important when people are historically looking for proposals. The current title, Plumber Apprenticeship Proposal sounds like a new program is being proposed. It was suggested that the title be changed to Plumber Apprenticeship Program Updates Proposal.

Evelyn Kitchens-Stephens moved to accept the proposal with the new title. Rita Gallegos seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.

Proposal:  Deletion of Co-requisite for JRN 102 and JRN 150, Addition of Prerequisite for JRN 102 and JRN 150, and Revision to Course Descriptions and Learning Outcomes for Both Courses.
Carmen Livingston presented the proposal. Ms. Livingston explained that she recently discovered that JRN 102 and JRN 150 were co-requisites when it is unnecessary and inconvenient for them to be so, especially as JRN 150 is rarely taught. Ms. Livingston stated that the eligibility to enroll in ENG 101 was far more important to both courses, and has been included in the proposal. Because technology has changed the field of journalism so dramatically, the curriculum, course descriptions and learning outcomes have been updated.

Vicki Rostis moved to accept the proposal. Carl Francolino seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.

Mrs. Gallegos mentioned that the Revisions to the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program will be presented at the next meeting.


Vicki Rostis, in the absence of Stephen Wells, reported that the HVAC Program Review will be forthcoming.


Proposal:  Remote COMPASS Placement Test Proctoring (tabled 1/24/13)
This proposal was tabled last January by College Council because Council members felt that remote advising should be addressed first, and more planning should go into remote testing. Since the remote advising proposal was passed in the Fall, remote placement testing could now be presented. Dwight Bishop presented the proposal with assistance from Bob Russo.

A motion to untable the proposal was made by Barbara Thomson. Gretchen Mullin-Sawicki seconded the motion and the motion passed with 11 votes for acceptance and 1 abstention.

The proposal would allow students to take the COMPASS Placement Test at any of the 550 ACT sites. Results could then immediately be uploaded to the College ACT site. Dr. Bishop said the process was worked on in collaboration with the Counselors and was revised nine times. The process has been tested and so far, the two tests, one in Akron OH and one in New Jersey, have successfully been completed.

Bob Russo then went through a demonstration of the process during which a student contacts the Counseling Office and is asked several qualifying questions concerning the application process. After the student has passed the screening process, the student would then meet with a Counselor by phone. The student would then register through ACT and take the placement test at a convenient location. After the student takes the test, the student and the CCAC coordinator receive the scores. The coordinator then contacts the student and the student goes through web advising.

The volume of students taking a remote placement test is anticipated to be 5 or 10 per year.

Marianne Trale moved to accept the proposal. Elizabeth Claytor seconded the motion and the motion passed 10 votes to accept and 2 abstentions.


Response from Dr. Murphy re:  Hiring Recommendations
Maryann Anderson read Dr. Murphy’s response to the College Council hiring recommendations. Dr. Murphy’s response read:

“Continued enrollment declines and budget challenges do not permit us to move forward on faculty positions at this point. We will continue to review conditions as we learn more about our 2014-15 financial situation. As of now, our only source of substantive revenue increases for the next year are tuition and fee increases. However, another projected enrollment decline would wipe out much of the benefit, leaving us about where we are this year in terms of funding.”

Program Review responses from the Fall, 2013 semester (M.F. Archey)
Mary Frances Archey submitted the program review responses for the Administrative Assistant and Administrative Computer Specialist Certificate and the Counseling Departments.

There being no further business, the meeting ended at 4:18 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Thompson
College Council Secretary