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    Name Phone Number Department Title Cmps-Bldg-Rm
    Bahur, Michelle D 412.788.7383 Con Ed Business Office Secretary NO-WHC-N1200
    Bannister, Stephen W 724.325.6643 Physical Therapy Professor BO-NWG-N227
    Barash, Allison  412.369.4129 Psychology Professor NO-NOR-2048
    Barb, Deborah K 412.237.3156 Information Technology Svcs Lead Systems Analyst CO-CO-310
    Barczyk, Edward J 412.237.2552 Housekeeping Custodian/Laborer AL-FLD-118
    Barekzai, Mara H 412.788.7504 West Hills Admin Secretary NO-WHC-S1500
    Baret, Michael G 412.788.7372 Automotive Engineering Assistant Instructor NO-WHC-S1202
    Barnes, Sheila V 412.237.4644 Office Services Office Services Clerk AL-LIB-103c
    Barnett, Finishia E 724.325.6645 Financial Aid Accounting Clerk BO-SWG-
    Barricella, Richard R 412.237.3111 Housekeeping Custodian/Laborer CO-CO-013
    Barton, Margaret R 412.237.4665 Financial Aid Dir Financial Aid AL-SSC-140
    Batey, Dana L 724.325.6739 Registration and Advisement Secretary BO-SWG-S558
    Bauer, Karen L 412.788.7502 West Hills Admin Secretary NO-WHC-S1500
    Baumiller, Coleen  724.325.6891 Physical Plant Admin Secretary BO--N-122
    Beasley, Tyrone  412.237.2552 Housekeeping Custodian/Laborer AL-FLD-118
    Beck, John C 412.271.0201 Housekeeping Custodian/Laborer BO-BHC-102
    Beemer, Jodi G 412.237.6510 CCAC Educational Foundation Director of Development AL-BYE-103
    Belcher, Christopher B 412.469.6378 Computer & Info Technology Professor SO-DDD-312
    Bell, Charles J 412.369.3725 Sports Student Development Specialist NO-NOR-1020A
    Benack, Debra L 412.469.6463 Registration and Advisement Sr Clerk SO-BBB-340
    Bencloski-Brashear, Alycia L 724.325.6873 Achieving the Dream Project Coordinator, Math Cafes BO-NWG-N473
    Bender, James V 412.369.3647 Admissions Student Recruiter NO-NOR-1003
    Benestelli, Cynthia  412.469.6485 Academic Affairs Faculty Secretary SO-BBB-633
    Bennett, Michael J 412.237.6515 English Instructor AL-MIL-409
    Benson, Mary E 724.325.6713 Library & Learning Services Librarian BO-NWG-N411
    Berardino, Gerard  724.325.6686 Accounting Professor BO-NWG-N486
    Bercik, Gary S 412.237.3155 Information Technology Svcs Systems Analyst II CO-CO-313
    Berg, Becky A 412.469.6247 Office Services Sr Printing Press Operator SO-BBB-378
    Berthold, Patricia A 412.237.3071 Accounting Sr Staff Accountant CO-CO-410
    Betters, Richard P 412.237.2580 Academic Affairs Associate Dean of Academic Affairs AL-MIL-624
    Bey, Diantha C 412.237.6511 Nursing Associate Professor AL-MIL-711
    Bickerton, Alan J 412.237.3168 Information Technology Svcs Manager of Systems Analysis & Erp Support CO-CO-326
    Billeck, Darlene L 724.325.6855 Perkins Career & Tech Ed Grant Dir Vocational Educ Program BO-NWG-N503
    Biondo, Denise L 412.469.6249 Child Care Dir Child Development Center SO-AAA-304
    Biondo, John  724.325.6755 Psychology Professor BO-NWG-N459
    Birch, Emily K 412.369.3613 ITS Field Operations Computer Hardware/Software Technician NO-NOR-3018
    Bishop, Dwight A 412.237.3119 Distance Learning Director of Distance Learning CO-CO-121
    Blackford, David  412.788.7360 Workforce Development Instructional Designer/Facilitator NO-WHC-N1200
    Blackston, Andre  412.237.4641 Business Office Sr Accounting Clerk AL-SSC-150
    Blobner, Max A 412.237.6588 Art Professor AL-VAC-105
    Boddorf, Dwight D 412.237.2635 Veterans Affairs Director of Veterans Service AL-JON-211
    Boddy, Tempie  724.325.6615 Admissions Data Entry Clerk BO-SWG-S554A
    Boehm, John T 412.369.3629 Business Office Asst Dir of Business Affairs WHC-WHC-S1704
    Bogats, Edward W 412.237.4583 Security Director of Safety/Security AL-PHY-408
    Boring, Rachel M 412.788.7535 Con Ed Business Office Sr Secretary NO-WHC-N1100
    Bourke, Dianna L 412.237.2649 Biology Associate Professor AL-KLI-340
    Boyea, Gail S 412.369.4142 Developmental Studies Professor NO-NOR-2039
    Boyle, Janice M 412.369.4158 Con Ed Registration Accounting Clerk NO-NOR-3007
    Brabazon, Kelly  412.237.4644 Office Services Office Services Clerk AL-LIB-103c
    Braden, Deborah A 724.223.1012 Washington County Ctr Secretary WCCM--724
    Bradford, Gyndolyn  412.501.0018 Braddock Hills Ctr -Admin Assistant Dean Braddock Hills Ctr BO-BHC-107
    Breckenridge, Joyce L 412.237.3110 Business and Administration Vp for Business and Administration CO-CO-210
    Breitbarth, Donald B 412.237.4574 Developmental Studies Assistant Instructor AL-MIL-209
    Briola, Lillian  724.325.6751 Occupational Therapy Professor BO-NWG-N222
    Britton, Sarah L 412.237.2764 Counseling Secretary/Typist AL-SSC-s-110
    Brock, Catherine D 724.325.6709 Business Office Coord Student Accounts/Business Asst BO-SWG-S574
    Brooks, Doralee E 412.237.4663 Developmental Studies Professor AL-MIL-205
    Brown, Barbara A 412.369.4128 Philosophy Professor NO-NOR-2029
    Brown, Ursula T 412.237.3048 Accounts Payable Accounting Clerk CO-CO-418
    Bujalski, John F 724.325.6623 Housekeeping Custodian/Laborer BO-NWG-N116
    Bukva, Christine M 724.325.6785 Business Office Accounting Clerk BO-SWG-S572
    Bullock, Quintin B 412.237.4413 President's Office President CO-CO-
    Burgess, Ricky V 412.237.2674 Homewood Brushton -Instruction Associate Professor AL-MIL-320B
    Burgess, Valgean F 412.237.2552 Housekeeping Custodial Leader AL-FLD-118
    Burner, Lesya A 412.469.6245 Student Life Secretary/Typist SO-GGG-417
    Burnett, Patricia L 412.788.7350 Workforce Development Administrative Assistant NO-WHC-N1100
    Burns, Yvonne E 412.237.2520 Dean of Student Development Dean of Student Development AL-SSC-360
    Burzachechi, Nancilee  412.237.8181 Inst Adv & External Relations Vp for Institutional Advancement and External Relations CO-CO-235
    Busch, Justin D 412.237.2240 Distance Learning Instructional Technologist CO-CO-123
    Byers, Ruth J 412.237.2593 Library & Learning Services Librarian AL-LIB-212

    Acceptable use:
    Information obtained from the CCAC directory may not be used to provide addresses for mailings to faculty or staff. This directory is provided for information of the CCAC community and those who have specific interest in reaching individual faculty or staff. Any solicitation of business, information, contributions or other responses from individuals listed in this publication by mail, telephone or other means is forbidden.
    Location Key:
    AL – Allegheny Campus
    HBB – Homewood-Brushton Center
    DTC – Downtown Center
    BYE – Byers Hall
    FLD – Fieldhouse
    JON – Jones Hall
    LIB – Library Bldg
    MIL – Milton Hall
    PHY – Physical Education Bldg
    SSC – Student Services Center
    VAC – Visual Arts Center
    WES – West Hall
    BO – Boyce Campus
    NWG – North Wing
    SWG – South Wing
    BHC – Braddock Hills Center

    NO – North Campus
    NOR – North Campus
    WHC – West Hills Center
    SO – South Campus
    AAA – A Building
    BBB – B Building
    DDD – D Building
    GGG – G Building
    LRC – Library Building
    CALU – California University
    WC – Washington County Center