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    Name Phone Number Department Title Cmps-Bldg-Rm
    Gaito-Lagnese, Angela M 412.237.2604 English Assistant Professor AL-MIL-406
    Gall, Susan C 412.237.4653 Campus President Director of Special Projects AL-JON-213
    Gallegos, Ophelia R 724.325.6746 Developmental Studies Professor BO-NWG-N454
    Galley, Carol F 412.469.6204 Registration and Advisement Secretary SO-BBB-337
    Gallimore, Dawn D 412.237.6546 ITS Field Operations Assistant Instructor AL-LIB-510
    Galluzzo, Christopher M 412.369.3663 Library & Learning Services Librarian NO-NOR-1005i
    Gapsky, Kathleen J 412.369.3650 Housekeeping Custodian/Laborer NO-NOR-1165
    Garbioglu, Ibrahim  412.237.3080 Information Technology Svcs Assistant Vice President of ITS and CIO CO-CO-301
    Gardner, Marzelia  412.469.6337 Library & Learning Services Sr Secretary SO-LRC-550
    Gardner, Sophia L 724.325.6673 Nursing Professor BO-NWG-N454
    Gardner, Susan V 412.369.3629 Business Office Sr Admin Secretary NO-NOR-3015
    Garofalo, Giovanni  412.237.3053 Planning & Institutional Res Asst Dir Planning & Research CO-CO-508
    Garrett, Stanley  412.237.2552 Housekeeping Custodian/Laborer AL-FLD-118
    Gast, Christopher M 724.325.6640 Chemistry Assistant Instructor BO-NWG-
    Gavins, Patricia J 412.237.2552 Housekeeping Custodial Leader AL-FLD-118
    George, Devon L 412.237.3099 Nursing Educ Clinical Admin Nursing Education Data & Adjunct Faculty Administrator CO-CO-422
    Giarrusso, Janine  412.237.6543 Library & Learning Services Sr Library Clerk AL-LIB-205
    Ginther, John M 412.788.7376 Welding Associate Professor NO-WHC-S1206
    Goellner, August F 412.469.6299 Chemistry Professor --
    Gogniat, Paul A 724.325.6736 Mathematics Professor BO-NWG-N460
    Golock, Ronald F 724.325.6624 Maintenance Skilled Maint Worker BO-NWG-N116
    Goloway, Stephanie  412.237.2608 Education Professor AL-MIL-241
    Golphin, Quiana M 724.325.6699 Admissions Student Recruiter BO-SWG-S560
    Gorda, Janet L 412.469.6278 English Professor SO-DDD-518
    Graham, Cheryl L 412.369.4128 Sociology Professor NO-NOR-2029
    Graham, Gretchen C 724.325.6893 Business Professor BO-NWG-N461
    Graham, Richard E 412.237.2508 Housekeeping Housekeeping Supervisor AL-FLD-119
    Grant, Nancy S 412.469.6281 Computer & Info Technology Professor SO-GGG-407
    Grassinger, Gary E 412.369.4125 English Professor NO-NOR-2034
    Grasso, Dominic F 412.237.6542 Its Field Operations Computer Hardware/Software Technician AL-MIL-505
    Green, Sylvia V 412.237.2591 Library & Learning Services Secretary AL-LIB-205
    Greene, Richard C 412.369.4118 Computer & Info Technology Professor NO-NOR-2039
    Greenwood, Jane A 412.371.1600 Homewood Brushton - Admin Asst Dean Homewood Brushton Ctr AL-HBB-
    Gregg, Bonita R 412.469.6324 Allied Health Professor SO-BBB-602
    Gregory, Clarence E 412.371.1600 Housekeeping Custodian/Laborer AL-HBB-
    Gregory-Brown, Sharon J 412.237.2239 Distance Learning Sr Secretary CO-CO-123
    Grimes, David M 412.237.4583 Security Assistant Director of Safety and Security AL-PHY-409
    Grimm, Irene K 412.469.4322 Library & Learning Services Librarian SO-LRC-593
    Gross, Thomas A 412.369.3650 Maintenance Lead Skilled Maint Worker NO-NOR-1165
    Guercio, MaryJo  412.237.2723 Community Training & Develop College Director of Community Training & Development AL-BYE-213
    Guerrini, Susan V 724.325.6651 Dean of Student Development Sr Secretary BO-SWG-S570
    Guiciardi, Joseph W 724.325.6648 Mathematics Professor BO-NWG-N494
    Guzikowski, Lori  724.325.6680 Nursing Professor BO-NWG-N490

    Acceptable use:
    Information obtained from the CCAC directory may not be used to provide addresses for mailings to faculty or staff. This directory is provided for information of the CCAC community and those who have specific interest in reaching individual faculty or staff. Any solicitation of business, information, contributions or other responses from individuals listed in this publication by mail, telephone or other means is forbidden.
    Location Key:
    AL – Allegheny Campus
    HBB – Homewood-Brushton Center
    DTC – Downtown Center
    BYE – Byers Hall
    FLD – Fieldhouse
    JON – Jones Hall
    LIB – Library Bldg
    MIL – Milton Hall
    PHY – Physical Education Bldg
    SSC – Student Services Center
    VAC – Visual Arts Center
    WES – West Hall
    BO – Boyce Campus
    NWG – North Wing
    SWG – South Wing
    BHC – Braddock Hills Center

    NO – North Campus
    NOR – North Campus
    WHC – West Hills Center
    SO – South Campus
    AAA – A Building
    BBB – B Building
    DDD – D Building
    GGG – G Building
    LRC – Library Building
    CALU – California University
    WC – Washington County Center