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    Name Phone Number Department Title Cmps-Bldg-Rm
    Hack, Henrietta C 412.237.2651 Academic Affairs Faculty Secretary AL-MIL-711
    Hager, Eric L 412.237.2552 Housekeeping Custodian/Laborer AL-FLD-118
    Haley, William R 412.469.6266 Housekeeping Custodian/Laborer SO-BBB-364
    Hamel, Debra  412.369.4117 Business Associate Professor NO-NOR-2042
    Hankinson, Lisa  724.325.6687 Nursing Professor BO-NWG-N445
    Hannon, Brian N 412.788.7357 Cpd-Administration-Hannon Account Executive for Business & Industry NO-WHC-N1200
    Hanstad, Christine M 412.237.2525 Business Office Switchboard/Receptionist AL-SSC-1st
    Harper, Aylene S 412.469.6327 Psychology Professor SO-BBB-528
    Hart, Timothy W 412.237.2552 Housekeeping Custodian/Laborer AL-FLD-118
    Hartner, John G 412.469.6345 English Professor SO-BBB-412
    Hawkins-Lee, Shelly L 412.237.3110 Business and Administration Administrative Assistant CO-CO-212
    Hayes, Ellen E 724.223.1012 Washington County Ctr Secretary SO-WCCM-724
    Haywood, Debra  412.469.6266 Housekeeping Custodian/Laborer SO-BBB-364
    Healy, Elizabeth  724.325.6687 Nursing Professor BO-NWG-N445
    Heenan, Michael  412.237.2552 Housekeeping Custodian/Laborer AL-FLD-118
    Heilman, Suzanne M 412.369.4134 Community Training & Develop Instructor NO-NOR-2023
    Henderson, Mary D 412.237.2728 Business Office Asst Dir of Business Affairs AL-JON-304B
    Hennessey, Dennis A 412.237.6578 Library & Learning Services Librarian AL-LIB-204
    Hester, Cathy L 412.273.6440 Modern Office System Training Director of Most Program BO-BDK-205
    Hetler, Theresa M 412.369.3722 Child Care Temporary Dir Child Development Ctr NO-NOR-1026
    Hightower-Poindexter, Jamie  412.237.8189 Financial Aid College Director of Financial Aid CO-CO-412
    Hildabidle, Mark A 412.237.2552 Housekeeping Custodian/Laborer AL-FLD-118
    Hileman, Thomas J 724.325.6624 Maintenance Lead Skilled Maint Worker BO-NWG-N116
    Hilinski, Phyllis A 412.369.3650 Physical Plant Admin Secretary NO-NOR-1165
    Hilinski, Richard K 412.237.2500 Public Safety Institute Asst Dir Public Safety Inst AL-JON-217
    Hillen, Kathleen  412.237.8700 Information Technology Svcs Service Desk Support Analyst CO-CO-321
    Hiller, Lenore P 412.469.6217 Counseling Counselor SO-BBB-453
    Hills, Lori A 412.369.4136 Community Training & Develop Instructor NO-NOR-2021
    Hines, Miles  412.237.2722 Student Success Coach Student Success Coach AL-LIB-404d
    Hixson, William J 412.469.6364 Security Director of Safety/Security SO-BBB-355
    Hoeltje, Barbara J 412.237.2700 Registration and Advisement Secretary AL-SSC-120
    Hoeltje, Kenneth P 412.237.2533 Student Life Assistant Instructor AL-PHY-400
    Hoffman, Aaron  724.325.6694 History Associate Professor BO-NWG-N492
    Holbert, Jennifer A 412.469.4302 Job Placement&Career Services Employment Specialist SO-BBB-453
    Hollatz, Roy D 724.325.6624 Maintenance Skilled Maint Worker BO-NWG-N116
    Honkus, Laurie A 724.325.6629 Financial Aid Secretary BO-SWG-S565
    Hoskin, Gregory W 412.469.6266 Housekeeping Custodian/Laborer SO-BBB-364
    Hoskinson, Karen S 412.237.3147 Purchasing & Contracts Asst Dir of Contracts CO-CO-131
    Howze-Robinson, Elissa L 724.325.6623 Housekeeping Custodian/Laborer BO-NWG-N116
    Hrebenak, Joseph  412.237.2515 Business Professor AL-MIL-431
    Huey, Cara L 412.237.6514 CCAC Educational Foundation Coord Foundation Relations & Executive Asst to Board AL-BYE-102
    Humenik, Patricia S 412.469.6266 Housekeeping Custodian/Laborer SO-BBB-364
    Hunter, Donna D 412.366.7000 Business Office Switchboard/Receptionist NO-NOR-Atrium
    Hunter, Joann B 412.369.4103 Business Professor NO-NOR-2043
    Huth, Patrick D 724.325.6768 Physics Professor BO-NWG-N429

    Acceptable use:
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    Location Key:
    AL – Allegheny Campus
    HBB – Homewood-Brushton Center
    DTC – Downtown Center
    BYE – Byers Hall
    FLD – Fieldhouse
    JON – Jones Hall
    LIB – Library Bldg
    MIL – Milton Hall
    PHY – Physical Education Bldg
    SSC – Student Services Center
    VAC – Visual Arts Center
    WES – West Hall
    BO – Boyce Campus
    NWG – North Wing
    SWG – South Wing
    BHC – Braddock Hills Center

    NO – North Campus
    NOR – North Campus
    WHC – West Hills Center
    SO – South Campus
    AAA – A Building
    BBB – B Building
    DDD – D Building
    GGG – G Building
    LRC – Library Building
    CALU – California University
    WC – Washington County Center