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    Name Phone Number Department Title Cmps-Bldg-Rm
    Kaleugher, Barbara J 412.237.2685 Keystone Ed Yields Success Student Support Specialist AL-MIL-108
    Kane, Kathleen A 412.237.4511 Mathematics Professor AL-MIL-337
    Kanjula, Srujana  412.369.4118 Sociology Professor NO-NOR-2039
    Kassai, Cristen A 412.369.4117 Chemistry Professor NO-NOR-2042
    Kaufman, Frank E 724.325.6621 Student Life Dir Student Life BO-WWG-W406
    Kazmierczak, Joanna  412.237.2754 Biology Professor AL-KLI-347
    Kearns, Christina M 724.325.6712 Library & Learning Services Sr Library Clerk BO-NWG-N403
    Keefe, Colleen L 412.469.6268 Office Services Sr Clerk SO-BBB-385
    Keeney, Laura M 412.469.4327 Academic Affairs Faculty Secretary SO-BBB-633
    Keilly, Annunziata  412.369.3730 Financial Aid Assistant Director of Financial Aid NO-NOR-1003H
    Kellermann, August B 724.325.6606 Radiology Technology Professor BO-NWG-N225
    Kelley, Susanne L 412.237.2238 Marketing & Communications Assistant Instructor CO-CO-227
    Kemp, Joel A 412.237.2552 Maintenance Skilled Maint Worker AL-FLD-118
    Kennedy, Mary L 412.369.3610 Dean of Student Development Dean of Student Development NO-NOR-3021
    Kennedy, Pamela R 412.469.6001 Perkins Career & Tech Ed Grant Career & Technical Education Director SO-BBB-429
    Kennedy, Susan M 412.237.6587 Mr Comm Train & Development Training Coordinator AL-BYE-202
    Kerkan, Melissa L 412.369.4148 Academic Affairs Secretary NO-NOR-2002
    Kerlin, George  412.788.7381 Automotive Engineering Associate Professor NO-WHC-S1207
    Keslar, Robert W 412.237.2503 Student Life Student Development Specialist AL-PHY-417
    Ketchum, Theodore N 412.237.2546 Admissions Student Recruiter AL-SSC-123
    Kilhoffer, Judith C 412.469.4324 Library & Learning Services Library Clerk SO-LRC-587
    Killmeyer, Debra E 412.788.7387 Workforce Development Program Mananger RK Mellon Grant NO-WHC-N1106
    Kinger, Roger J 412.788.7373 Automotive Engineering Professor NO-WHC-S1203
    Kirker, Janine M 412.237.3275 Information Technology Svcs It Program Support Analyst CO-CO-321
    Kitchens-Stephens, Evelyn H 412.237.2565 Counseling Counselor AL-SSC-115
    Kmetz, Robert L 412.237.2545 Job Placement&Career Services Director of Job Placement and Career Services AL-SSC-110
    Knoerl, Roseann  412.237.3098 Information Technology Svcs Computer Hardware/Software Technician CO-CO-323
    Kobaso, Stephen J 412.788.7520 Housekeeping Custodian/Laborer NO-WHC-S-1200
    Koch, Robert G 412.788.7378 Automotive Engineering Professor NO-WHC-S1203
    Komlos, Susan J 412.273.6440 Modern Office System Training Instructor BO-BDK-205
    Koritsky, Peter C 412.237.2589 Financial Aid Sr Clerk AL-SSC-140
    Kosakowsky, John  412.237.2552 Housekeeping Custodian/Laborer AL-FLD-118
    Kotys, Aaron G 412.369.4163 Housekeeping Housekeeping Supervisor NO-NOR-1165
    Kovach, Dennis L 412.369.4119 Economics Professor NO-NOR-2040
    Kowalski, Patricia C 412.237.4457 Nursing Associate Professor AL-MIL-706
    Kownacki, Chester J 412.469.6266 Maintenance Sr Skilled Maint Worker SO-BBB-364
    Kownacki, Deborah L 412.469.6266 Housekeeping Custodian/Laborer SO-BBB-364
    Kozub, Marjorie  724.325.6712 Library & Learning Services Sr Library Clerk BO-NWG-N403
    Krivoniak, Wayne N 412.469.6003 ITS Field Operations User Support Analyst SO-LRC-487
    Kudlik, John J 412.237.2727 History Professor AL-MIL-343
    Kunz, Robert J 412.788.7520 Maintenance Sr Skilled Maint Worker NO-WHC-S-1200
    Kyles, Iris R 412.469.6284 Library & Learning Services Sr Clerk SO-LRC-547

    Acceptable use:
    Information obtained from the CCAC directory may not be used to provide addresses for mailings to faculty or staff. This directory is provided for information of the CCAC community and those who have specific interest in reaching individual faculty or staff. Any solicitation of business, information, contributions or other responses from individuals listed in this publication by mail, telephone or other means is forbidden.
    Location Key:
    AL – Allegheny Campus
    HBB – Homewood-Brushton Center
    DTC – Downtown Center
    BYE – Byers Hall
    FLD – Fieldhouse
    JON – Jones Hall
    LIB – Library Bldg
    MIL – Milton Hall
    PHY – Physical Education Bldg
    SSC – Student Services Center
    VAC – Visual Arts Center
    WES – West Hall
    BO – Boyce Campus
    NWG – North Wing
    SWG – South Wing
    BHC – Braddock Hills Center

    NO – North Campus
    NOR – North Campus
    WHC – West Hills Center
    SO – South Campus
    AAA – A Building
    BBB – B Building
    DDD – D Building
    GGG – G Building
    LRC – Library Building
    CALU – California University
    WC – Washington County Center