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    Name Phone Number Department Title Cmps-Bldg-Rm
    Wade, Robert L 412.237.2552 Housekeeping Custodian/Laborer AL-FLD-118
    Wagner, Gregory W 724.325.6839 Computer & Info Technology Professor BO-NWG-N483
    Waldorf, Michael R 412.788.7531 Office Services Office Services Clerk NO-WHC-S1412
    Wallace, Kathleen E 724.325.6737 Biology Professor BO-NWG-N430
    Walters, Helena  412.237.2671 Nursing Assistant Professor AL-MIL-212
    Walton, Natasha N 412.237.3050 Inst Adv & External Relations Grant Resource Associate CO-CO-103
    Wanat, Kathleen E 412.237.2565 Counseling Secretary/Typist AL-SSC-110
    Wang, Lucy  412.237.3059 Planning & Institutional Res Planning Research Analyst CO-CO-512
    Wang, Ping An  412.469.6320 Computer & Info Technology Professor SO-BBB-605
    Ward, Kristin A 412.237.2629 Admissions Secretary/Typist AL-SSC-120
    Ware, Denise  412.237.2621 Academic Affairs Faculty Secretary AL-VAC-106
    Wareham, Nancy L 412.237.6502 Perkins Career & Tech Ed Grant Career Support Specialist AL-MIL-513
    Warren, Richard A 412.237.2762 Physical Plant Admin Physical Plant Supervisor AL-FLD-118
    Washington, Monica  412.469.6376 Speech Professor SO-BBB-502
    Waters, Tomi  724.325.6682 Inst Adv & External Relations Director of Grant Project Development BO-NWG-N467
    Watkins, Mary A 412.369.4113 Mathematics Professor NO-NOR-2046
    Watson, Karl K 412.788.7379 Automotive Engineering Professor NO-WHC-S1205
    Watson, Scott E 412.788.7520 Housekeeping Custodian/Laborer NO-WHC-S-1200
    Weaver, Raymond  724.325.6659 Mathematics Professor BO-NWG-N452
    Weber, Kenneth M 412.369.3658 Physical Plant Admin Physical Plant Supervisor NO-NOR-1165A
    Wehrle, Michele L 724.325.6637 Hotel/Restaurant Management Professor BO-NWG-N531
    Weinberg, Cindy J 412.469.6472 Financial Aid Sr Secretary SO-BBB-308
    Weir, Kathleen A 412.237.3013 Grants Management Grants Development Coordinator CO-CO-105
    Wells, Stephen H 412.469.6319 English Professor SO-BBB-603
    Westrom, Laurel L 412.237.2714 Student Success Coach Student Success Coach NO-WHC-S1403
    White, Kalina E 412.237.4674 Biology Associate Professor AL-KLI-349
    Whitney, Donna F 412.469.6238 Registration and Advisement Secretary SO-BBB-344
    Wieckowski, Anthony S 412.237.2545 Job Placement&Career Services Employment Specialist AL-SSC-115
    Williams, Benjamin R 412.469.6246 Student Life and Career Planni Student Development Specialist SO-AAA-309
    Williams, Gilbert M 412.369.3650 Maintenance Skilled Maint Worker NO-NOR-1165
    Williams, Kevin E 412.237.2552 Housekeeping Custodian/Laborer AL-FLD-118
    Williamson, Patsy A 412.469.6371 English Professor SO-BBB-417
    Wilson, Jerry  412.469.6266 Grounds Skilled Maint Worker SO-BBB-364
    Wilson, Miriam N 412.237.2640 Dietetics Instructor AL-MIL-610
    Wilson, Roslynne E 412.237.4601 Specialized Grants Director of Specialized Grants AL-LIB-404A
    Winners, Robert J 412.237.3066 Information Technology Svcs Network Engineer III CO-CO-309
    Witowich, William P 412.788.7520 Housekeeping Custodian/Laborer NO-WHC-S-1200
    Witsch, Steven  412.237.3158 Information Technology Svcs Lead Sr Network Engineer CO-CO-308
    Worek, Thaddeus F 412.237.2588 Physical Science Professor AL-KLI-356
    Wright, Lore E 412.237.2658 Nursing Professor AL-MIL-708
    Wright, Tawanda B 412.237.2237 Distance Learning Online Support Specialist CO-CO-123
    Wrigley, Eileen  412.469.6341 Computer & Info Technology Professor SO-BBB-500

    Acceptable use:
    Information obtained from the CCAC directory may not be used to provide addresses for mailings to faculty or staff. This directory is provided for information of the CCAC community and those who have specific interest in reaching individual faculty or staff. Any solicitation of business, information, contributions or other responses from individuals listed in this publication by mail, telephone or other means is forbidden.
    Location Key:
    AL – Allegheny Campus
    HBB – Homewood-Brushton Center
    DTC – Downtown Center
    BYE – Byers Hall
    FLD – Fieldhouse
    JON – Jones Hall
    LIB – Library Bldg
    MIL – Milton Hall
    PHY – Physical Education Bldg
    SSC – Student Services Center
    VAC – Visual Arts Center
    WES – West Hall
    BO – Boyce Campus
    NWG – North Wing
    SWG – South Wing
    BHC – Braddock Hills Center

    NO – North Campus
    NOR – North Campus
    WHC – West Hills Center
    SO – South Campus
    AAA – A Building
    BBB – B Building
    DDD – D Building
    GGG – G Building
    LRC – Library Building
    CALU – California University
    WC – Washington County Center