• CCAC Allegheny Campus Parking Guidelines

    Student Photo ID’s/Parking Permits & updated validation stickers available at Student Life located in Physical Education building,  Room 416

    Printable CCAC Allegheny Campus Parking Guidelines PDF
    Printable CCAC Allegheny Parking Map 

    Student Parking

     All students taking credit classes must register their vehicle in order to park at Allegheny Campus. Please obtain your new sticker (green/black lettering) August 31, 2018. If you already have a parking permit, you need to obtain and display a new green sticker to place on your existing permit. To avoid confusion and for better visibility, we recommend you display your parking permit on your dashboard. Mon Hill Parking Lot and Student Lot #2 are clearly marked. At times, the leased lot & Student Lot #2 may be used for special events. College will make every effort to notify students by TV monitors should this occur. Refer to the Allegheny Parking Map linked above.

    • The ALCO lot may be leased during stadium events. Lots are clearly marked on opposite side map.
      Please do not block other vehicles.
    • Student Service Center Lot #3 – For Students Only with current validation on parking permit 
    • Student Lot #4 – ALCO Parking Lot across from Taco Bell (Fall & Spring Semesters)
    • Student Lot #5 – On Ridge Ave across from ALCO Parking Lot (This is a leased lot for Fall & Spring – CLOSED DURING STADIUM EVENTS
    • Parking Lot next to Visual Arts Center (Rented by Pgh Police Training) This lot is no longer available to students /faculty/staff – This is a Pittsburgh Police Lot only

    Employee Parking

    • Jones Hall Parking Lot – Only Full Time employees may park in this Lot. Access by Proxy Card and you must display an employee hanging tag which can be obtained at the Security Office.
    • Temporary Part Time Employees: Must obtain a green paper tag for the rearview mirror from the Security Office – Parking is on Monument Hill in the back of the Student Lot.
    • Byers Hall Parking Lot: Parking in this lot is very limited and special permission must be obtained.

    Guest Parking

    If you are having a special event or need parking for a Guest: We have available Guest Parking tags that you can request from the Security Office – Guest Parking is on Monument Hill only. 

    Handicap Parking 

    • Temporary Handicap Parking spaces are available however, you must obtain a special yellow tag from the Security Office & be prepared to show documentation from your physician. These are issued for temporary injuries, etc. that do not require state-issued placards/plates Director of Safety & Security must approve these. Room 409 in the Physical Ed. Bldg. 
    • Handicap Parking: Only individuals who possess a state-issued plate or placard (which must be issued in the individual’s name only)
    • Wheelchair Spaces – There are several spaces in the campus parking lots for Wheelchair users. Please leave these spaces for the individuals on campus that must park in the Handicap areas. These spaces are wider so that the individuals have enough room to exit and re-enter their vehicles. These spaces are clearly marked. 
    • Bike Racks – Are shown on map on opposite side of flyer. (See bottom right-hand side of Map)


    Parking Enforcement, Warnings and  Citations 

    Enforcement is by one of three methods: 1) Verbal Instruction 2). Written Warning and/or 3). Written Citation 

    Violations are payable within (7) business days at the Student Accounts Office (SSC). Failure to pay the fine within the (7) business days will result in the fine automatically doubling. Failure to pay the fine will also result in withholding of grades, withholding of transcripts or denial of future class registration at CCAC. Serious/repeated violations may result in towing of vehicle. Towing & Storage is by commercial towing companies and all associated fees are the responsibility of the vehicle owner. Fees must be paid to the towing company prior to the release of the vehicle . Towing Company: McCann & Chester Towing (412) 381–9400.

    Parking Violations (Payments are made at Student Accounts Office – SSC Bldg.)

    • Fire Lane $ 75.00
    • Handicap $100.00
    • Loading Dock $ 50.00
    • Prohibited Parking $ 25.00 
    • No Permit $ 20.00

    Parking Appeals:
    If you feel you would like to appeal your violation, forms are available at the Security Desk. Please read instructions on the appeal form carefully & file an appeal within (7) business days of receipt of citation. The Security Officers cannot void your violation. They are here only to assist you with parking information
    (Appeals are heard by the Business Office (Jones Hall Third Floor).