• Budget Department

    The mission of the Budget Department is to facilitate the budgeting process through each responsibility level culminating in a college-wide request balanced to projected revenues and timely submitted to the Board of Trustees for approval.

    Goals of the Budget Department

    • Facilitate the preparation of the Fiscal Year Current Operating and Plant Funds Budget and Capital Outlay Plan
    • Maintain accurate current salary information of authorized positions
    • Prepare the annual Fringe Benefits Model
    • Prepare and submit the Projected Enrollment and Capital Data for Fiscal Year State Budget submissions
    • Maintain accurate information of Debt Service, Space Leases and Capital Projects
    • Coordinate policy approvals for all Capital Expenditures required by College and State guidelines

    CCAC Policy Relating to Budgets
    Overview of the Operating Budget Process

  • Capital Budget Forms

  • Budget Contacts

    John ForneyJoe Miller
    Capital BudgetsOperating Budgets
    • Facilitate the Capital Budget Process
    • Facilitate the Plant Fund Leases Budget Process
    • Coordinate Spending for Capital Outlays & Leases
    • Coordinate State Budget Submissions for Capital and Operating
    • Facilitates the Operating Budget Process
    •  Facilitate the Student Life Budget Process