• Fire Programs

    These courses provide instruction to the student in the basic fire fighting skills through the latest advance tactics necessary to function as a member or leader of a fire department.
    Our more than 100 state-of-the-art initial and continuing education courses equip fire fighters with the crucial skills they need. PSI partners with the Allegheny County Fire Academy, the City of Pittsburgh Fire Academy and several local fire departments in training and certification programs throughout the state. Courses are accredited by the Pennsylvania State Fire Academy and the National Fire Academy.

    PSI Training & Education Partnership (TEP)
    CCAC PSI announces a Training & Education Partnership (TEP) pay-as-you-go program for emergency services agencies in western Pennsylvania with an annual maximum cost of training for qualifying members. Fees are program-based for the required minimum number of students per course. The courses listed below is a sample of programs.

    • Essentials of Firefighting
      This course provides instruction to the student in the basic fire fighting skills necessary to function as a member of a fire department at the entry level. Topic include: fire behavior, personal hazards and safety, breathing equipment, and respiratory protection, ladders, hose, water supply, fire streams, small tools, rescue, extinguishers and agents and a final exam. PREREQUISITE: 14 years of age the first day of class.
    • Truck Company Operations I & II
      In these programs, you will be introduced to the basic duties of a truck company including hand and power tool operation; search and rescue; and ventilation through issues of vehicle placement, forcible entry, search & rescue, aerial operations, building construction, fire travel, and ventilation. PREREQUISITE: Essentials of Firefighting
    • Engine Company Operations 
      This course will provide instruction in the duties and responsibilities of an engine company. Topics include: use of attack and back-up lines, search and rescue, and water supply. PREREQUISITE: Essentials of Fire Fighting.
    • Pump Operations I & II
      These courses provide the fire fighter with instruction from the basic pump construction and theory of operating techniques of operating a "pumper" during a fire to the most advanced techniques currently being utilized.
    • Incident Command
      This course provides instruction in the command skills necessary to effectively use, deploy, implement, and/or function within a departmental ICS. The course includes guidelines and scenario practice applying ICS. Resource information for setting up a departmental ICS is also provided.
    • Managing Company Tactical Operations 
      This is a National Fire Academy series of courses that are designed to develop the skills needed to manage company level operations. Through decision-making, tactics and tabletop exercises, you will be able to improve your skills and knowledge and managed public safety responses more completely.
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