• Court Reporting at CCAC

    Court Reporting Captioning at PNC Park

    Now enrolling, CCAC’s Court Reporting program is one of 33 schools across the nation approved by the National Court Reporters Association and one of only two approved in Pennsylvania. Students in the program are trained to work in the courthouse, in the deposition suite or as closed captioners and to write CART (Computer Assisted Realtime Translation) for those who are hearing impaired. For graduates employed through the court system, salaries begin in the $40,000 range. Freelance reporters, paid on a commission basis, can earn more.

    To learn more or to enroll, contact Mary Beth Johnson at 412.237.2748.

  • What our Graduates Have to Say

    Donna Betza, court reporter supervisor, DC Superior Court and CCAC Court Reporting program graduate, entered the industry working as a freelancer. “Hands-on instruction utilizing computer-aided transcription is what prepared me to work first as a freelance court reporter. The program affords many opportunities to network with and also intern with freelance court reporting agencies, closed captioning companies, county courthouses, as well as colleges and universities requiring realtime translation for their deaf and hard-of-hearing students,” Betza said. “Having exposure to the variety of positions available definitely helped in choosing my ultimate career path.”