• Graduate Information


    Re: Instructions for NCLEX/Temporary Practice Permit (TPP)

    You will receive a detailed letter and packet of information by mid to late March for May graduates and late October/November for December graduates. This will explain the process for application for your RN Licensure Exam and Temporary Practice Permit. This is how it works. 

    • If you haven't applied for graduation, go to your Registration office to complete your application. The Registration office will hold these applications until final grades are posted.
    • Final grades are posted for the semester.
    • The Registration departments will evaluate all graduation applications and post degrees on our student system for those applicants meeting all the graduation criteria. Nursing students are not the only students graduating. This process involves students graduating from all disciplines. It takes at least 4 to 6 weeks from the date final grades are posted.
    • The Dean of Nursing's office will be notified when all nursing students who have applied and met the criteria have been certified.
    • The information is sent to the State Board of Nursing electronically. It is about a 2 to 3 day process.
    • You can apply for a TPP early; however, the state Board will put your application in a pending file until they receive the information we supply electronically.
    • Once we give them this information, they will process your application(s) for Exam/TPP.

    Please be patient:  We do everything possible to expedite this process.

    Please refer to the State Board of Nursing's Letter to the Student the State Board of Nursing for more information regarding the NCLEX procedure.