• Guidelines for Former Students

    CCAC Central Self-Service – Temporary Access

    If you are a former or returning student, you will have access to your academic and financial records in CCAC Central Self-Service. The NetID account you had while you were a student can be renewed temporarily so that you can log in to view unofficial transcripts or register for more coursework at CCAC. Your username will be the same as it was when you were a current CCAC student. You should be able to reset your password or, if necessary, create a temporary account at NetID Self-Service. You will not be able to log in to MyCCAC, the student portal; only current students have access to MyCCAC.

    If you have any difficulty creating an account or resetting a password, please call the ITS ServiceDesk, at 412.237.8700. We cannot reset passwords or give out account information via email or by chat, because email and chat are not secure media. Please see our hours of operation.

    Registering for Courses

    You can search for courses in the CCAC Catalog (course descriptions) or search for courses/sections in the Self-Service Course Catalog without a log-in. If you wish to register, you will need to renew your NetID account temporarily (see above).

    • Need to declare an active program
    • Registering for restricted classes
    • Issues involving prerequisites
    • Financial or administrative holds  (PERCs)

    Please note, the account(s) you create prior to registering will be temporary. After you've registered for courses, you'll be able to create a full-fledged NetID account that will give you access to campus computers, to MyCCAC and to your academic email. You will need to change your password periodically, but the account will not expire until after you've completed your current period of study at CCAC.

    Ordering Transcripts

    If you want to view your unofficial transcript, you can do so in CCAC Central Self-Service. You can request official transcripts through the National Student Clearinghouse, an online transcript supply service with whom CCAC has partnered. You can request a transcript from the Clearinghouse without logging in to CCAC Central Self-Service.

    Tax Documents

    To access your 1098T tax document, log in to CCAC Central Self-Service and click on the link labelled Online Student Account Center. Tax documents for previous years will be accessible through an adjacent link.

    For general questions regarding these guidelines, please feel free to contact the ServiceDesk by phone (412.237.8700), by email (help@servicedesk.ccac.edu), or by chat. For assistance in resetting passwords, please call us at 412.237.8700.

    *If distance or other factors prevent you from visiting a CCAC campus, arrangements can be made for virtual advising. - move this sentence to the end of the Registering for Courses section.