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    India HighlightsJanuary 2-13, 2018
    We will arrive in New Delhi in the wee hours of the morning on Thursday, January 4. After a brief rest, later that day we will begin touring some of the monuments and temples of Delhi. Through Friday, we will be touring sites in this city that is so rich in history, ancient and modern. One of our stops will be at Mahatma Gandhi’s last residence in Delhi, now a museum, where we will see his loom, his glasses, his bed, his last steps marked in stones.

    On Saturday, we will take a day trip to Agra to visit World Heritage sites, among them the beautiful Taj Mahal.

    Taj Mahal

    View highlights and photos from our 2016 trip! 
    We return to Delhi Saturday evening and spend Sunday through Monday afternoon continuing our exploration of the city. In addition to visiting historical and cultural sites, our students will spend time learning and performing service at a wonderful NGO we visited the last time. We will see a kitchen they provide in one of the poorer neighborhoods where women prepare huge vats of food to feed 30,000 people a day, and we will go to their school, where children of poor people receive a nurturing education and women are trained in fabric work, which increases their livelihoods and their empowerment. 

    Monday evening we board an overnight train heading north toward Dharamsala and the Himalayas. We’ll be staying until Thursday evening in the mountain village of McLeod Ganj, home to the Dalai Lama and many Tibetan refugees. There our students will see another facet of the kaleidoscope that is India. They’ll learn about Tibetan culture and meet with representatives from the Tibetan Women’s Association. We hope also to arrange a visit at the Tibetan Children’s Village.

    We return to Delhi Friday morning after taking the overnight train from Dharamsala, and then we go to JNU, a vibrant university we visited last time, to meet with faculty and students who will share their perspectives on current issues in India. In 2016, our students loved having the opportunity to interact with this vibrant university’s students, who were gracious hosts.

    At 3:30 a.m. on Saturday the 13th, we board our return flight—exhausted but filled to the brim with a lifetime of memories and a deeper awareness of human diversity and oneness on our planet. 

    This experience is a remarkable bargain for our students at approximately $2500. Yet, as you can imagine, it is still a challenge for them to raise the money. To help, we will engage in several fundraising activities during the Fall semester.


    Our used book sale at South was so popular that we’re certainly going to do it again at all four campuses this September. So please set aside for us those books and games and DVDs that you’d like to re-home! 

    We are also planning to host a big, system-wide talent show at South Campus on a Saturday evening in October. We hope our many talented students, faculty, staff, and administrators will share their gifts with us in an event that will be fun for all. In keeping with the spirit of fundraising for a trip to India, we will have classical Indian and Bollywood dancers. Also our faculty who teach CCAC’s International students will encourage them to share the music and dances of their countries as well. If you sing, dance, read poetry, act, yodel, do magic tricks, play the spoons, we hope to see you perform in October. This will be a family affair, so talented children of staff, faculty, administration, and students will be welcome to participate as well. We will post details as those dates approach and we begin to organize them. 

    Direct Contributions
    You don’t have to wait for an event to help our students afford this trip. CCAC’s Educational Foundation has created a click-and-pledge page for donations. This provides a simple online donation method for you to help our students offset their costs. Any amount you contribute will be very much appreciated. Your donations will be divided equally among those student travelers who participate in fundraising and will reduce their final payments. 

    India ElizabethOur Gratitude

    Our last trip was truly a community effort, and we remain grateful to all who donated their time, their energy, their enthusiastic encouragement and their resources to help our students realize that dream. As before, our students will be writing thank you letters to those of you who contribute via our Educational Foundation link, and they will be sharing their reflections on this experience with all of you.

    Here is a small sampling of our students’ thanks from 2016:
    “Administration and staff members supported our fundraising efforts, discussed the trip details with us, and kept tabs on how we were preparing for the trip. This sense of community made me feel like I had a huge family backing me as I embarked on a very meaningful journey.” – Callie O.

    “Thank you for allowing my perspective of the world to grow.” – Fred A.

    “I wanted to personally thank you for your support towards our trip to India. I felt extremely taken care of and safe the entire trip and I know that is largely because we had the resources to do so. I am so grateful to you that you took a chance on us and allowed us to have experiences of a lifetime.” – Grace F.

    As we prepare to return to India, we are profoundly grateful for your support and encouragement again.

    Stay tuned!
    This web site will be updated in the coming months as we share with you our Fall course activities designed to prepare our student travelers to get the most out of their experience of India. We will also add photos and student reflections from the January 2018 trip.

    Thank you for all of your support,
    CCAC Honors Students

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  • Trip Highlights 2016

    To give you a sense of what being there was like, here is a 3:30 minute video compiled by one of the 2016 student travelers, Brandy Teprag. She combined video from touring a market in Old Delhi in a bicycle rickshaw, dancing with students at a school for developmentally-challenged children in Agra, riding elephants to Amber Fort in Jaipur, and, in the finale, slowly making her way through the grand entrance to the stunning Taj Mahal. CCAC Honors is thrilled to offer this opportunity to a new group of CCAC honors students in January 2018.