Honors Program Scholarships

    Students accepted into the Honors Program who are not fully funded by another source are eligible for Honors scholarships in the form of in-county tuition reimbursement for Honors-designated courses and for courses in which students complete an Honors contract. Eligible Honors students will be refunded the cost of tuition (up to three credits per course) after successful completion (earning a C or better) of Honors-designated courses and Honors-by-contract courses. Successful completion of Honors contract courses requires earning a B or better for the Honors contract project and a C or better for the course in which the project is completed. Honors credit and tuition reimbursement will be processed for students who successfully complete (see definition above) Honors courses and Honors by contact courses.

    The tuition reimbursement will be processed in January or February for fall courses and in June or July for spring courses in whatever form the original payment was made: refund check or credit card refund. Students who have a four-year degree are not eligible for Honors tuition reimbursement or Honors scholarships.

    Leadership in Honors Scholarships

    Honors Council offers a full-tuition scholarship to four returning Honors students who serve as Leadership in Honors Scholars for their respective campuses. The scholarship is competitive and is available to students not fully funded by another source. The scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate their commitment to Honors at CCAC by participating in Honors courses, Honors activities, and Honors service-learning projects. The scholarship details and application form are available through the Honors Program Office or on the Honors Blackboard site.