• Academic Email for Faculty

    Log into Academic Email – Office 365.

    To access your academic email log onto MyCCAC and scroll down to locate the My Email web part. The My Email web part will provide you access to both your exchange and academic email accounts. Click on the academic email link to be taken directly into your academic email inbox through Office 365. The academic email system is accessible from the CCAC network, any internet enabled device, and the Outlook mobile app.


    As a faculty member, your academic email account is your formal means of communication with your students. You may find it useful if you wish to keep student correspondence segregated from your other college email. If you choose to use both email accounts, please remember to check both accounts regularly. All current students are provided with an academic email account. The CCAC academic email account will be available to students the day after they create their NetID. Please reinforce with your students that they are expected to check this account regularly.


    Your Academic Email Address

    Email accounts will use the same username and password as your CCAC network account (faculty) or NetID (student) and the email address will be in the following format username@acd.ccac.edu. Students will have access to their academic email 24 hours after creating their NetID. Faculty will have access to their academic email account 24 hours after they receive their CCAC network credentials.

    Academic Mailbox Size

    Your academic mailbox size is limited to 50 Gigabytes. If your inbox reaches the limit, you will receive an alert to clean out your inbox. If the inbox remains full, exchange will try to send a message every 15 minutes. Mail will be deferred at the server level for up to 2 days, during which time the mail will be forwarded to the inbox once room becomes available. If the inbox size is not reduced after the 2 days, deferred email will be purged.

    Spam Filter

    All incoming emails are routinely scanned and potential spam is filtered by Microsoft’s spam-filtering system. You will receive notification when email has been quarantined as potential spam. If these messages accumulate in your inbox or in another folder, they will add to your overall mailbox size. Please check these regularly and delete as they are reviewed, so that you do not reach the size limit on your mailbox.

    You can manage your junk mail folder in Mail Settings. You can block senders or list individual senders as “safe senders” in Account Settings. For more details about configuring your settings, please see Office 365 – Mail.

    Faculty Email

    FERPA & TECHNOLOGY: All conversations via email that concern the student’s academic record (including assessment of student work) should be directed only to the student’s academic email account academic email (available to you if you wish to maintain a separate email account for student correspondence).