• Outlook Web Access

    When you are using a computer outside of CCAC's network, Outlook Web Access (OWA) allows you to view your email messages from your remote location. Log into the Outlook Web Access at the following URL: https://outlook.ccac.edu   


    When you're viewing your CCAC email, it's a good idea to exercise caution about emails from people you don't know - or even from people you do know, especially if they've also been sent to other users whose names you do not recognize. Be advised that CCAC's Information Technology Services will never ask you for your password, especially not by email. There are many scams around the internet, and many of them use the ploy of trying to make you think your IT Department is asking you for your password.


    • As a security measure passwords MUST be changed every 70 days. 

    To change your password from Outlook Web Access:

    1. Sign into OWA
    2. Click on the Options gear located in the upper right hand corner
    3. Click Options at the bottom of the drop-down menu
    4. Expand the General Section
    5. Click My Account
    6. The change your password link is located just over the mailbox usage indicator

     These options will only work while your password is still active. If you let time lapse without changing your password and it expires, you will need to call the CCAC ServiceDesk (412.237.8700).

    You will not be able to view email stored in Archive or Personal folders when using OWA.
    Messages (including attachments) larger than 40MB  will not be sent/received through the Email Exchange messaging system.

    Cleaning Your Mailbox Remotely

    • Please, remember there is a size quota to your Outlook mailbox
    • Don't forget to delete what is in your Deleted Items. Items in your deleted items folder count against this quota.
    • If your mailbox is full you may not be able to send OR receive email.
    • When deleting, pressing SHIFT + DELETE, will permanently delete email and bypass the deleted items folder. (If your mailbox is full, email may not delete without using this method).
    • Don't use the deleted items folder as a HOLD area.

    : Archiving can only be done using Outlook on campus.