• Innovation Lab

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    CCAC North's innovation  lab is a collaborative space that houses our cybersecurity, data analytics, multimedia programming, simulation and gaming programs. The lab comprises of a Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) lab, brainstorming space, 24 PC and 24 Apple computer labs and kitchenette for industry meetings. The lab was designed to promote cross-disciplinary instruction having the capacity for instruction in either two separate classes or one larger class being facilitated within the space.

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    Additionally, the primary purpose of the lab is to facilitate dialogue and innovation between the IT industry, faculty and students with project-based learning developed through an innovation lab network membership. Please consider joining our growing list of industry members who work with our faculty and students on industry projects. For more information, please contact: innovationlab@ccac.edu


  • Become a Member of the CCAC North Campus Innovation Lab Network


    Membership Benefits:

    • Present your business needs to faculty and students and receive recommendations and solutions.
    • Attend the annual project competition fair.
    • Build professional relationships with our faculty and students.
    • Help build a workforce-ready employee.