CCAC learning experience is ‘over the moon’

Article by: CCAC Public Relations
PITTSBURGH—CCAC Boyce Campus students will have the opportunity to be part of an ‘over the moon’ learning experience by viewing moon rocks provided by CCAC Physics Professor Patrick Huth, a former contractor with NASA, during the week of March 23.

Huth arranged a loan of lunar and meteorite samples from NASA for his Honors Astronomy and Physics classes this semester. Before joining the faculty at CCAC, he worked in NASA’s educational division while at Oklahoma State University. Huth trained and certified other educators in the use of the samples, and he remains certified to borrow moon rocks. He is pleased to be able to share the rare samples with the students of Boyce Campus.

“Having these moon rocks is, in my opinion, a pretty special opportunity and for most people it is a once in a lifetime chance to get close to history and an actual piece of another world,” said Huth, who has been with CCAC since 2008.

Although they are encased in Lucite, students will be able to view the lunar and meteorite samples up close and will learn what the samples tell us about the moon, as well as their historical significance. To make the most of this unique opportunity, Huth plans on bringing the rocks into as many CCAC classrooms as possible.

In addition, Huth will display the samples and give periodic presentations to all students and visitors in the Boyce Student Union during the following days and times:

Monday, March 23: 12:30 PM to 3:00 PM
Tuesday, March 24: 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM

Boyce Campus is located at 595 Beatty Road, Monroeville, Pa., 15146.

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