CCAC approved for plumbing backflow testing under international standards

Article by: CCAC Public Relations

PITTSBURGH-The Community College of Allegheny County has become an approved school for plumbing backflow testing under the American Society of Sanitary Engineers (ASSE) International.

CCAC, a major regional provider of plumbing backflow training and testing, has upgraded its local certification, which was previously aligned with ASSE national standards, to the more stringent ASSE International certification. The latter is becoming the industry standard.

In an effort to protect our public water system, the 72 water suppliers in Allegheny County have begun outsourcing backflow inspection and regulation to management firms specializing in backflow. These firms have standardized on ASSE international certification for testers and repair technicians, causing a demand for the new certification.

There is a waiting list of 50 students for the three-day, 1.5 credit re-certification course, which begins on June 18. The class, which can accommodate 10 students, will be offered repeatedly. The initial five-day, three credit certification course will be offered in the fall. Students will train at an extensive backflow lab at CCAC's West Hills Center.

According to Mary Lou Kennedy, interim president of North Hills Campus and West Hills Center, "As a recognized leader in workforce training, CCAC offers niche classes providing important certification to plumbers and specialists."

More than 50% of the certified testers in Southwestern Pennsylvania were certified at CCAC, and about 1,000 CCAC-certified backflow testers return to West Hills Center every three years for re-certification. All testing will be done by an ASSE certified proctor.

"This is important because we have such a large share of the tester market, and it's essential to maintain the safety of our public water supply," said Ron Logreco, assistant dean at West Hills Center, who directed the upgrade of the program. "We're striving to get above a 90-percent pass rate."

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