10 Ways to Start the Semester off Right at CCAC

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Article by: Dr. Quintin Bullock, CCAC President

Welcome back! Whether you started classes last week or are getting ready to start classes next week, I wish all of you the best of luck this semester.

In fact, for this month’s blog post, I want to share with you some helpful tips for making the most of your time at CCAC, both in and out of the classroom. I hope this information serves as a useful guide for all of the first-time students out there—and for those close to graduation as well!

1.      Be on time for classes, club meetings, homework assignments and anything else that has a deadline. Your instructors may not always notice if you’re early, but they’ll definitely notice if you’re late! And on that note…

2.      Know your deadlines. Don’t let big projects and quizzes sneak up on you! At the start of the semester, read your class syllabi from cover to cover and record the due dates for important assignments and tests in your favorite calendar.

Helpful hint: MyCCAC has a very useful calendar tool that will also help you keep track of important CCAC deadlines and upcoming campus events. You can even download the app for easy, on-the-go access.

3.      Be an active participant in all of your classes. Immersion and repetition are the key to learning new things, so the more effort you put into your classes and class assignments, the faster and more completely you’ll learn a new subject.

4.      Do your homework! I’ve touched on this somewhat in the last three points, but this is so important it gets its own mention. Doing your homework and turning it in on time is half the battle. Don’t let your grades slip over something as avoidable as a late midterm paper.

5.      Get to know your instructors. If you’re a regular reader of Bullock’s Blog, you know how strongly I feel about the faculty at CCAC being one of our greatest strengths and resources. Developing a strong relationship with your instructor is a great way to deepen your understanding of a subject and to gain a mentor and advisor.

6.      Visit student support services on your campus. There are so many amazing resources available to help you find the information and assistance you need to have your most successful semester ever that it might be easier just to list some of them:

7.      Get involved! Visit your Student Life office and find out about upcoming campus events, clubs and organizations, athletic teams and much more. Studies have shown that students who are more engaged on campus tend to have greater academic success in the long run.

8.      Make time to relax and recharge. Between classes, homework and day-to-day responsibilities, it can be easy to spread yourself too thin. Pencil in some time to relax, read a favorite book, cook up some healthy meals for the week or do something fun.

9.      Develop your best habits. Find the tools and apps that are the most helpful to you, figure out what schedules or study methods are the most effective and learn the best way to get yourself “in the zone” when working on assignments. The earlier you learn what works for you, the smoother college (and future jobs) will go.

10.  Build your network now. It’s never too early to set yourself up for career success. Look into academic excellence groups such as the CCAC Honors Program or the Phi Alpha Theta Honor Society, learn more about the Men of Merit Initiative and our new Women on the Move groups at all four campuses and visit the Job Placement & Career Services center at your campus for valuable career advice.

The start of the semester is an exciting time, but it can also be overwhelming. I hope these tips help to set you up for a successful term. Good luck!

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