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  • North Campus Faculty SpotlightRhea Klenovich

    Professor Rhea Klenovich

    History & geography Adjunct Professor

    •PhD at Kent State University
    •B.S. Education/Social Studies and M.A. History from Slippery Rock University

    What about history and geography made you go into teaching?
    Truthfully, I have been interested in history since I was small. I remember being in grade school and having Christopher Columbus pique my interest and that interest has been there for a very, very long time.

    Why is it important today to study history and geography?
    Because we have become so globalized and interconnected with the rest of the world, we can no longer be in a vacuum. We need to learn about other cultures and their history—it could put you in jobs all around the world.

    What part of history interests you the most?
    I am a minority specialist, studying women, African-Americans, Latin-Americans—I love their history. It's what I am best at, in terms of teaching and it's what interested me since the very beginning.

  • Heather BeschizzaHeather Beschizza

    Psychology Professor

    Is there something or someone (from college/high school) who inspired you to do this?
    I enjoy teaching other people and feel satisfied that they’ve learned something useful.

    What is most beneficial about studying Psychology?
    Psychology helps people have a better understand of themselves and others.

    What is something interesting about yourself that people may not know?
    I was originally a Theater major, but then I switched to Psychology and I’ve loved being a teacher.

  • Rebecca SenkowiczProfessor Rebecca Senkowicz

    Math professor
    Undergraduate at the University of Pittsburgh
    Master's from University of Wisconsin-Madison

    Why is math is essential today?
    Math teaches you to deal with abstract concepts. And the best application of math is personal finance.

    Why is math important for your future?
    I know my students will use math at work even if they do not major in math.

    Can math be fun?
    I love math. I think it can be fun. Math is more than just solving for x. It is a way of looking at the world. It is a way of setting new ideas. I see math as a framework you hang applications on.