• Issue: Expired Java Certificate in Chat (All Users)


    Users attempting to access either of Blackboard's collaboration tools, Lightweight Chat or Virtual Classroom, will encounter an expired Java Certificate warning.


    To avoid issues, simply click Run or Accept, based on your web browser.

    It is expected this issue will be resolved May 2012.

    Issue: Access Denied Messages (Instructors)


    Faculty working in Blackboard are sporadically receiving an error message that access is denied and they must log in to perform this action. This error message is display after attempts to add, remove or modify content in Blackboard.


    A support ticket has been issued to Blackboard Inc. for a permanent solution.

    Recommended Action:

    From the Start Menu, go to Control Panel and select Internet Options (Some items may differ in location based on what version you are running)

    On the General tab, under Browsing History, click Settings

       Select Every time I visit the webpage for the first option to check for newer versions, click OK

       Click the Delete button, select to delete your Temporary Internet Files, click OK

    Issue: Unable to Load Virtual Classroom (Whiteboard) (All users)


    User gets logged off repeatedly after accessing the Virtual Classroom, logins are unsuccessful.


    User must delete Java Cache:

    From the Start Menu, go to Control Panel and select Java (Some items may differ in location based on what version you are running)

    Under Temporary Internet Files, click Settings

    Click Delete Files, then OK

    Issue: Students Unable to Open File Attachments (Instructors)


    When attempting to access a file attachment in Blackobard, students get an error messages that states: "Not Found: The specified resource was not found or you do not have permission to access it."

    The link in the status bar of the browser indicates the file path is:


    If the file attach icon on the textbox toolbar is used to upload a file in a post, the file is visible by a student. If the faculty uses the "Browse My Computer" button below the textbox, the file cannot be opened by a student.

    As for the file permissions, if you go to the affected course, click on Files under the Control Panel, click on the course name, click on the chevron next to the affected uploaded file name, click on permissions, click on Add Course User List, check the desired role(s) and rights in order to allow access.

    Issue: Students accessing a SafeAssignment return to course entry page (Instructors)


    When attempting to access/complete a SafeAssignment, students get sent to course entry page instead of assignment submission area.


    That SafeAssignment is out of sync with the SafeAssign server.

    In the course, under Control Panel, expand Course Tools, select SafeAssign

    Click SafeAssignments

    Click Synchronize Course (top right)

    Issue: SafeAssignment error: Navigation failed

    When uploading safe assignment the user receives a error:
    Navigation to the page failed.

    The user cannot access the SafeAssign website from their Internet browser.


    Add SafeAssign as a trusted site to you Internet explorer browser
    Open Internet Explorer
    Click Tools
    Click Internet Options
    Click the Security Tab
    Click the Green check "Trusted Sites"
    Click the Sites button
    Type in http://www.safeassign.com (make sure the Require server verification in unchecked).
    Click close
    Click OK

    Click the F5 function key on the keyboard to refresh your internet browser
    Return to Blackboard to submit the safe assignment.

    Issue: Uploading SafeAssignment displays warning dialog box (Students)

    When uploading safe assignment the user receives a dialog box for secure and non secure content.


    The user is unable to successfully submit the safe assignment without allowing mixed content.


    When the secure and non secure items dialog box appears:

    • Click "YES" to display both secure and non secure content (mixed content).
    • Click "NO" when it asks to only display secure content

    Issue: External Links do not open (Navigation to Website Canceled) (All users)


    Security features in Internet Explorer default to preventing users from accessing non-secure web links from a secure web site (Blackboard).


    Faculty: When creating external links, use the Open in New Window option.

    Students: When accessing a link that does not appear to work, Right-click and select to Open in New Window.

    Information: SafeAssignment Notice from Blackboard  (All users)

    Extended time to receive submission results. Typically papers submitted into SafeAssign take a few minutes to process. However, during this peak season there have been multiple occurrences of SafeAssign paper submissions building up in queue. This causes a lag in processing time. While the papers are processed successfully, it can take several minutes up to 2 to 3 hours, due to the current high volume. Note that any papers that accumulate in the queue are processed and do not need to be re-submitted.

    Intermittent errors when submitting papers or accessing submissions. Occasionally when a student attempts to submit a SafeAssign paper or an instructor attempts to access a SafeAssign submission,rather than processing the paper or accessing the paper, the user receives an error message. This error signifies that one of the SafeAssign servers is unresponsive due to load. Blackboard is automatically notified when this occurs and takes immediate action to restart the services, which typically is accomplished in a matter of minutes. Submissions that result in an error need to be re-submitted.

    Peak utilization of SafeAssign typically occurs during the months of October and November.

    Issue: Course Menu Displays Black on Black (Instructor)


    Following a course copy, some instructors have reported the course menu area as all black.


    Reset the course theme to default using the Change Course Theme (color palette) button at the top right of the course.