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    On-campus Orientation for new students at CCAC is your first opportunity to make meaningful connections to your campus, learn about support resources, and meet classmates, faculty, and staff. Below are some things you will learn.

    Before you attend orientation: You should be registered for classes and probably already have your student ID.

    How to Speak College

    Like any other college, CCAC uses some specific vocabulary. Do you know the difference between a financial aid loan and a grant? Is dropping a class the same as withdrawing from one?

    Introduction to Student Services

    CCAC offers a bunch of student services outside the classroom to support your time as a college student. Looking for career advice or help with a resume? Check with the Office of Job Placement & Career Services. Are you in need of accommodations due to a disability? Self-report to the Office of Supportive Services. Do you want to join a club or honor society to enrich your CCAC experience? That's the Office of Student Life. If you're looking to transfer to a bachelor's degree program at a four-year institution, make an appointment with a Counselor. If you're a veteran or veteran-dependent, learn more about your benefits from the Office of Military & Veterans Services.

    Many CCAC locations also offer a student food pantry. There are fully functioning libraries at each of the main campuses that offer research assistance, online journals, and interlibrary loan. Oh, and there's so much more, too! The CCAC Student Handbook has all the info about being a student.

    Campus Technology

    All students will need a CCAC NetID to access the MyCCAC portal and Blackboard, check your academic email, connect to on-campus wifi, and more. Set up your NetID now.

    Parking Permits/Student IDs

    Some CCAC campuses and centers offer these services differently. Check with your campus on how to get your student ID and your parking pass.

    Learn About Your Specific Campus

    CCAC has several locations, including four campuses and four centers. Each location is a little different. Find your specific location and download a map to find your classes here.

    Single Point of Contact

    Many CCAC locations subscribe to the Single Point of Contact program, a system where new students are assigned an administrator who helps them navigate their first semester at CCAC. If you're a new student, you should know your "SPoC" and how she/he can help make your first semester at CCAC a successful one. Click here to see the Single Point of Contact administrators for North Campus and West Hills Center.

    Title IX

    Students should know about CCAC's Title IX policy, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in education programs or activities. CCAC has a Title IX office, part of the Office of Institutional Diversity & Inclusion, to ensure the policy is followed.