• CCAC Nursing Alumni SpotlightRose Ferrara-Love.jpg

    Name: Rose Ferrara-Love

    Year Graduated from CCAC Nursing: 1975

    BSN Carlow College 1982
    MSN Nursing Administration 1996 Duquesne University
    MSN Nursing Education 1998 Duquesne University
    DNP Nursing Education 2013 Carlow University

    I say that my claim to fame is that I completed all of these degrees with NO student loans. It was all tuition reimbursement. Every time I decided to go back for another degree, I searched the hospitals for the best reimbursement and applied there. Since there is a lag between degrees, I stayed at that hospital for several years before the bug bit again!

    I started my career in the SICU of Allegheny General Hospital working in Dr. George Magovern, Sr.’s unit. We all learned so much that summer(!) as the unit wasn’t officially opened as yet. I started giving in-service sessions for new hires to learn the instruments we used during a code situation in the Unit. As time went on, I precepted new hires and found that I loved it. As I moved to other hospitals and units, I began to give more in-service lectures and eventually, Mrs. Marshalak (one of my instructors at CCAC) asked me to teach a Certified Nurse Assistant Program for CCAC! The start of my educator career had begun.

    During my career I’ve also been certified as a Critical Care RN (CCRN), Post-Anesthesia Care RN (CPAN), Ambulatory PACU RN (CAPA), Nurse Administrator – Advanced (CNAA), and currently as a Nurse Educator (CNE). I tend to get involved with any organization I am a member of. I was active in the PACU nurses’ organization – ASPAN and served on the Board of Directors, chaired some committees, and was part of the National Conference Committee several times. I also lectured at some of these conferences. I was editor of the PA and WV chapter newsletter and was a contributing as well as guest editor for the Journal of PeriAnesthesia Nursing; in addition I wrote several chapters of PACU Nursing texts and Certification Review Books. I was also part of the Certification Exam Committee.

    My Master’s Thesis afforded me the opportunity to travel to Hawaii to present my research! What an experience. My husband was able to accompany me and the week after the Conference, we toured the island and enjoyed our favorite hobby: SCUBA diving. I was asked to present my research because it was the first study of its kind in the U.S. I used a product called SeaBand to reduce the incidence of post-operative nausea and vomiting (PONV). The company who makes these is a British company and was originally used to decrease motion sickness for British Sailors. I discovered these bands while on a SCUBA trip in the Cayman Islands – I get terribly motion sick and had to get off the boat as soon as they dropped anchor or I was done for. The British had been using them for not only motion sickness but for PONV but not so in the U.S. They were used for morning sickness and chemo therapy associated nausea in the U.S. So SeaBand provided me with a grant to obtain the placebo bands and a trip to Hawaii to present my findings. They were also published in the Journal of PeriAnesthesia Nursing and won second place in the Research Awards.

    When I became an educator full time, I also became a member of the NLN and was an NLN Ambassador for a school of nursing I worked previously. I was part of the Certified Nurse Educator Committee by assisting to develop the blueprint for the exam.

    Current Position/Title: ATI Resource Coordinator/Adjunct Faculty. I’ve taught clinical, lab, and lecture in various nursing courses. Right now, I am responsible for scheduling and remediating the standardized testing done during the two years of the program.

    Organization Name:
    CCAC-Allegheny Campus

    Most memorable CCAC experience as a student: While I enjoyed most of the clinical rotations, I found my niche when we did an observation in the ICU. This was where I just knew I belonged. I applied for the SICU position during the last month of my final semester, got an interview and started the Monday after graduation!

    What aspects of the CCAC program most prepared you for your career as an RN?: Extensive clinical experiences and patient assignments as the program progressed. When I began working in the SICU, the other new grads and I from CCAC seemed to be much better prepared than our BSN counterparts regarding direct patient care.

    Other information you would like to add about CCAC Nursing and/or your career? While I believe in continuing education both formal and informal in nursing, I think the best place to start is CCAC, for several reasons.
    The classes are smaller so there is more personalized interaction. Faculty support your success and, if they aren’t able to help, they know the college resources who can.
    It’s much less of a drain on finances to attend CCAC: when you investigate costs for the nursing programs at local colleges for academic year, CCAC comes in at almost half.
    Credits from CCAC transfer to the four-year colleges in the area and there are matriculation agreements with several of these nursing programs. Some even enable you to attend one class at their institution that will count as part of the BSN curriculum at CCAC cost.