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  • Get Involved with Social Media at CCAC!

    Thinking about creating a social media account for your club, program or department? Contact the Digital Marketing Manager for a personal consultation and valuable resources to help you get started!

    Want to share your news, events and photos on the CCAC social media accounts? Send your content to the Digital Marketing Manager! To advertise your event beyond social media, you can request promotional support from the CCAC Public Relations & Marketing department.

  • CCAC Emergency Alerts

    Be the first to learn of campus closings, weather or power outage notifications or other emergencies by following @CCACAlerts on Twitter or via SMS! The service is free, although your usual text message or data fees may apply.

    To receive emergency text notifications from @CCACAlerts:

    • Text FOLLOW CCACAlerts to 40404. When you receive a confirmation text, text ON to turn text notifications on. That's it!
    • You can also follow @CCACAlerts on your desktop—make sure mobile notifications are set to on in the drop down menu next to the follow button.

    When following @CCACAlerts using the Twitter short code 40404, make sure that CCACAlerts is all one word or you will not receive emergency alerts. Do not include any quotation marks or special characters. You should receive a confirmation text from Twitter if you have done this correctly.

    For more shortcuts and SMS Twitter commands, see the Twitter Help page. Contact the CCAC Servicedesk at 412.237.8700 or email social@ccac.edu for more information.

  • Follow CCAC on social media

    CCAC       Facebook |||  Twitter |||  Instagram |||  LinkedIn |||  Pinterest |||  YouTube |||  Flickr
    CCAC Alerts         Twitter          

    Student Life at CCAC

    CCAC Allegheny Student Life       Facebook ||| Twitter      
    CCAC Boyce Student Life       Facebook ||| Twitter |||   Pinterest |||  YouTube
    CCAC North Student Life       Facebook ||| Twitter ||| Instagram    
    CCAC South Student Life       Facebook ||| Twitter |||  Instagram    
    CCAC West Hills Center Student Life       Facebook |||    Instagram    
    CCAC Homewood-Brushton Student Life         Twitter      

    CCAC Presidents & Administrators

    CCAC President Quintin Bullock       Twitter        
    CCAC North President Gretchen Mullin-Sawicki       Twitter        
    CCAC South President Charlene Newkirk       Twitter        
    CCAC Provost Stuart Blacklaw       Twitter        

    CCAC Student Services

    CCAC Military & Veterans Services       Facebook |||  Twitter      
    CCAC Honors Program       Facebook ||| Twitter      
    CCAC Learning Commons       Facebook ||| Twitter      
    CCAC North Campus Library       Facebook ||| Twitter |||  Instagram    
    CCAC Math Cafes       Facebook        
    CCAC Pittsburgh Promise       Facebook        
    CCAC South Job Placement & Career Services       Facebook ||| Twitter      
    CCAC Blackboard         Twitter      
    CCAC Bookstore       Facebook ||| Twitter      
    CCAC Admissions       Facebook ||| Twitter      

    CCAC Student Clubs

    CCAC South Campus Softball     Facebook |||  Twitter      
    CCAC ASL Club     Facebook        
    CCAC South Campus Intramurals     Facebook        
    CCAC South Campus Theatre     Facebook        
    CCAC South Campus Radio Club     Facebook ||| Twitter      
    CCAC North Supportive Services Organization     Facebook        
    Phi Theta Kappa CCAC     Facebook        
    PTK Alpha Mu Theta     Facebook        
    Library Student Advisory Board - CCAC North Campus     Facebook        

    CCAC Departments & Programs

    CCAC Art Department     Facebook |||  Twitter  
    Calculus Help at CCAC     Facebook    
    Algebra Help at CCAC     Facebook    
    CCAC Dietetics Program     Facebook    
    CCAC Massage Therapy        Twitter  

    CCAC in the Community

    CCAC Alumni     Facebook |||  Twitter  
    CCAC Educational Foundation     Facebook    
    Energy Innovation Center     Facebook    
    Turbovote     Facebook    
    CCAC Emerging Professionals Group     Facebook    

    Are you a CCAC social media page administrator and don't see your account listed here? Email us at social@ccac.edu with your information!


  • CCAC Social Media

    Stay connected with CCAC! Join our vibrant, growing online communities, ask questions and share your ideas and opinions with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more!

    Facebook:   CCAC.edu
    Twitter:   @CCAC
    Instagram:   @ccac_edu
    Pinterest:   CCACedu
    YouTube:   ccac_edu
    LinkedIn:   CCAC
    Community College of Allegheny County
    Emergency Twitter:   @CCACAlerts

    Want to get more involved in social media at CCAC? Contact the Digital Marketing Manager for more information.

  • Follow President Bullock

    President Bullock Portrait Byers Hall
  • CCAC Social Media Guidelines

    This document was developed in response to the growing CCAC presence in social media and to provide a consistent framework for interested faculty and staff to anticipate in social media on behalf of the college to further CCAC’s educational and communication goals. Acting as a set of guidelines, this document will serve to encourage participation in social media, to reinforce the college’s messaging across channels and foster new forms of student engagement and to increase meaningful communication between the college and target audiences.