• Community College of Allegheny County Speaker’s Bureau Application

    Increasingly, CCAC is being called upon to provide expert comment regarding topical issues in the news as well as speakers and/or panelists for various events and community forums. Because of this, the college is hoping to re-launch the speaker’s bureau, which will enable CCAC to showcase the expansive knowledge and significant experience of the institution's academic leaders and industry experts.To that end, the Public Relations & Marketing Department is seeking individuals who would be willing to be called upon for the purposes of college and community speaking events, media inquiries and general marketing promotions.

    For those considering serving the college in this capacity, each speaker/content expert would be asked to complete an informational sheet detailing the content areas in which he or she is knowledgeable, availability, as well as the various ways he or she would be willing to serve as speaker/content expert.

    If you would be willing to volunteer to serve as either a content expert or speaker on a particular topic(s), please complete the following form.

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    Speaker/panelist for the following venues:
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    I am available (check all that apply*):
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    *Please note: Checking any or all categories above indicates the possibility of availability; you would still reserve the right to decline a request for any reason.

    Thank you for your interest in CCAC’s Speaker’s Bureau. Your name, contact details and areas of specialized knowledge will be kept on file in the college’s Public Relations & Marketing Department for a period of one year. We look forward to contacting you in the near future.