• TRIO Student Support Services 

    at Allegheny Campus & Homewood Brushton Center

    TRIO/SSS is a federally funded support program with a mission to help students succeed in college; to persist to graduation and/or transfer to a four-year institution. Here at CCAC, TRIO/SSS provides resources and services customized to fostering student success. The ultimate goal of the program is to increase the college retention and graduation rates of its participants.

    Program Eligibility

    To be eligible for services through TRIO/SSS students must fit one of the following:
    • Be a first generation college student
    • Have low income (as defined by the federal government)
    • Have a documented disability

    Program Services

    TRIO/SSS students will have the benefit of receiving ongoing support from assigned staff. In addition to having regular meetings, the TRIO/SSS staff will do the following:
    • Assist students with navigating the college system
    • Assist students in developing and improving academic skills
    • Assist students with setting goals (personal/career)
    • Monitor progress towards degree completion and or transfer
    • Meet regularly with each student ( as often as needed)
    • Sponsor visits to attend college open-house events in preparation for transfer
    • Provide opportunities to attend Leadership Conferences and other
    off-campus enrichment activities

    Programming & Activities

    Lending Library
    Eligible students are able to borrow books for the entire semester under our library lending program.

    Resource Center
    TRIO/SSS students will have access to the Resource Center (L500) which provides computers, a central printer, study areas and peer tutoring for academic support.

    Mentor Program
    TRIO/ SSS partners’ students with faculty and administrators who graciously volunteer their time to positively impact our students. This opportunity allows students to receive support, guidance and assistance in addition to gaining valuable career insight from CCAC professionals. Mentors meet with their students once a month; there is a collective mentor group event held each semester to foster relationships and interaction between all participants. TRIO students can express their desire for a mentor during the intake process.

    Campus Visits
    Students are taken to college open house events in order to be exposed to the academic programming and residential campus life. This will allow them to identify the university and program of choice for the purposes of transferring.

    Leadership Conference
    Every fall, students are able to attend the Student Development Leadership Institute; Conference for an entire weekend with students from other higher education institutions. Students have an opportunity to develop and showcase their leadership abilities. It also serves as an excellent networking opportunity.

    Workshops & Cultural Events
    TRIO hosts a variety of workshops and cultural events throughout the year. Information, dates and times of events will be posted throughout the campus. Students will also be notified via email.

    Anyone interested in becoming a TRIO/SSS participant can visit our offices or contact:

    Rhaslyn McGhee
    Director, TRIO-SSS Program
    Library Building, Room 507
    Phone: 412.237.2743
    Email: rmcghee@ccac.edu

    Brittany Sunday
    TRIO Student Support Specialist
    Library Building, Room 508
    Phone: 412.237.2537
    Email: bsunday@ccac.edu

    The Student Support Services program at Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC) is one of the TRIO programs funded by the U.S. Department of Education, Division of Special Services for the Disadvantaged, Title IV, Higher Education Act of 1965.One hundred percent of the TRIO/SSS program at CCAC is financed by federal funds of approximately $213,733 per year under PR/Award Number PO42A151239.