• Diversity through Transformative Inclusion

    Transformative Inclusion Defined

    Our key goal is a framework that incorporates diversity at its core adapting transformative inclusion. Transformative Inclusion is a model involving grounding the academic experience of students and faculty in intellectual rigor that presupposes the importance and complexity of diversity and contributes to the development of the sophisticated intercultural skills necessary to work in a diverse society and interconnected world.

    Transformative Inclusion is a commitment to fostering a campus environment that not only recognizes perspectives, skills, experiences and talents, of every student, staff, faculty member and administrator, but rather cultivates and utilizes those "abilities" to achieve more a robust, invested and creative campus environment.

    In short, Transformative Inclusion is a comprehensive diversity model of reform grounded upon research and theory as well as best practices. It is designed to yield better participatory diversity and inclusion outcomes.

    An institution that has embraced Transformative Inclusion possesses the following characteristics:

    1. An open and welcoming campus climate. In concrete terms, it means seeking out, listening to and respecting the perspectives of all students, faculty, staff and community, with particular appreciation for the diverse backgrounds that students, faculty, staff and community bring to the educational experience.
    2. A purposeful development and use of organizational resources to enhance student learning and employee development. Organizationally, it means fostering an environment conducive to student success and completion with the expectation of faculty, staff and administrators to incorporate inclusiveness in teaching, service and outreach.
    3. A focus on the importance to respect that recognizes and appreciates the talents, skills, backgrounds and perspectives of every individual.

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