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Assessment & Institutional Effectiveness

The Division of Assessment & Institutional Effectiveness (AIE) is committed to facilitating and supporting a culture of Continuous Quality Improvement at CCAC. Through strategic and systematic engagement with CCAC administrators, faculty, and community stakeholders, AIE positively impacts CCAC's academic and student services programs, resource development, and administrative services by:

  • Managing activities related to the assessment of all college-wide academic programs and administrative units
  • Facilitating the development and evaluation of all college-wide planning activities
  • Providing leadership and support for the development and implementation of research mechanisms and studies that support college-wide improvement
  • Facilitating the development, implementation, and evaluation of initiatives that increase operational efficiency

AIE oversees all Assessment, Planning, Research and Effectiveness initiatives at CCAC.

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Assessment is a priority at CCAC and is conducted at multiple levels. From classroom to program to general education to strategic initiatives, we are constantly trying to improve the student experience. As Linda Suskie articulates, assessment is a multi-faceted process that:

  • Establishes clear, observable expected goals for student learning
  • Ensures that students have sufficient opportunities to achieve those goals
  • Systematically gathers, analyzes, and interprets evidence of how well student learning meets those goals
  • Uses the resulting information to understand and improve student learning

Suskie, Linda. Assessing Student Learning: A Common Sense Guide, 3rd Edition, 2018

At CCAC, a Culture of Assessment means:

  • Our core values are based on continuous improvement of student learning
  • Faculty, staff, and administration engage in meaningful, reflective assessment work
  • Results of assessment activities lead to changes that improve learning outcomes as well as curriculum
  • Results of assessment activities are used to distribute resources throughout the College

Faculty at CCAC follow assessment guidelines and timetables to assess student learning in all programs, including general education. Assessment results provide evidence that students are achieving key institutional and program learning outcomes. Faculty members document their use of assessment results to inform their teaching. This data also provides the basis for the allocation of resources across the College. 

This content can also be found on Institutional Effectiveness' CCAC Portal page.


At CCAC strategic planning is a dynamic process. The evidence-based strategic planning and policy analysis performed by AIE ensures greater institutional effectiveness and better outcomes for CCAC students.

2016-21 Strategic Plan 

This content can also be found on Institutional Effectiveness' CCAC Portal page.


AIE conducts extensive research in support of college-wide initiatives. Our office provides major support for the Accreditation, Strategic Planning, Program Review, and Enrollment Management processes at CCAC. AIE reporting provides key metrics that illustrate College-wide effectiveness, growth, and areas for improvement. 

AIE oversees the maintenance, production, and analysis of data at CCAC. Projects include:

  • State and Federal reporting
  • College-wide data analysis
  • Program review data
  • Enrollment projections
  • Common Data Set
  • Surveys (engagement, graduate, etc.)
  • Data support for grants
  • Data support for Workforce Development
This content can also be found on Institutional Effectiveness' CCAC Portal page.

Reports about the College

AIE conducts extensive research about the College and reports the results to faculty, administrators, national education data aggregators, and whoever else requires it.

IPEDS 2021

As an institution of higher education receiving federal funding, CCAC is required to submit certain information to the Integrated Postsecondary Data Collection System. This report provides 2021 statistics about the student body, faculty, cost of attendance, and more.

IPEDS 12 Month Enrollment 2021-2022

Economic Impact Report

This EMSI report demonstrates how CCAC benefits the economy of Allegheny County through workforce training

CCAC Executive Summary

Civic Engagement Study

The Institute for Democracy and Higher Education collects data on how many students vote in federal elections. This report shows CCAC students' engagement with the 2020 election.