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Civic Engagement

At CCAC, we are committed to helping our students become informed, engaged citizens who are involved on their campus and in their communities. As part of the college’s Civic Engagement initiative, students have the opportunity to participate in activities that foster leadership and critical thinking skills, develop civic literacy, and bring awareness to issues that impact our communities—all with the goal of becoming global citizens.


Election 2020 Exercise your constitutional right to vote! #CCACVOTES on November 3.

Draw the Lines PA is a statewide civic education and engagement initiative for Pennsylvanians to draw election maps.  It is led by three regional steering committees, which work with DTL‘s parent organization, the Committee of Seventy, a group based in Philadelphia.

Turbo Vote is a nonprofit, nonpartisan voter registration service that encourages students to become involved in political action by helping them and others register. This makes voting easy, supports community action, and fosters digital citizenship.

Voting in Pennsylvania is easy - check out the PA state voter website to learn more about your options, register to vote, check your registration status, and learn what to expect at the polls.