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CCAC COVID-19 Dashboard

CCAC’s plans for responding to the COVID–19 pandemic prioritize the safety of our students, faculty and staff. We are committed to the families and public we serve and believe that it is important to monitor and control the spread of COVID–19 on and off campus. To that end, we have developed the dashboard below, which tracks the number of confirmed COVID–19 cases that have been reported to CCAC. This is in addition to developing regulations, protocols and guidelines that are aligned and consistent with the ordinances from local, state, and federal regulators.

Note: This dashboard will be updated every week day at 11am. The dashboard provides limited information to protect the identities of the individuals who choose to self-report.

Remember, if you become ill, stay home from work and school, avoid public areas, and consult your health care provider promptly. Do not enter a CCAC facility if you are sick.

For more information and resources on the virus and its impact on Allegheny County, see the Allegheny County Health Department’s website.