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Course Repeat and Academic Renewal

Repeating Courses

Students can repeat a course once to earn a higher grade. A third and final attempt requires permission of an Academic Advisor or Counselor and will be permitted only under compelling circumstances and with the student's written acknowledgment of and agreement to the consequences of not successfully completing the course on the third attempt. As a condition of being granted a third attempt, the student will be expected to utilize available academic support options during the third attempt.

Effective with the Fall 2021 semester, when a course is repeated, the highest (best) grade earned in the course is used to calculate the student's grade point average; however, the grade from each course attempt will appear on the student's transcript. It is important to note that all course withdrawals and audits count as attempts. Prior to the Fall 2021 semester, the "most recent grade" was used in the GPA calculation for repeated classes.

Some programs such as Nursing and Allied Health may have limitations or restrictions on repeating courses for admissions or program requirements. Applicants to a limited enrollment program must follow application guidelines for their desired program. Once admitted, students should meet with a program advisor or the program coordinator prior to repeating a course to determine the impact on the student's educational plan.  

The credit hours for the course may be counted only once towards meeting degree requirements, unless the course description states otherwise.

Prior to repeating a course, students should consult the Financial Aid Office or Military/Veterans Services to determine what impact, if any, withdrawing from or repeating a course has on financial aid or veterans' benefits. Students are responsible for the financial aid repercussions and academic status implications of repeating courses. Students are advised that there may be a potential impact of repeated courses when transferring to other institutions, and should consider the possible effect toward excessive hours. Student should consult with an advisor if there are questions.

Revised 3/12/2021 

Academic Renewal

This policy replaces Academic Forgiveness.

Students may apply for academic renewal due to an absence of two years from credit study or because they have changed their program of study or potential program of study. Renewal will allow D and F grades to be excluded from the GPA calculation, but the attempts will remain on the transcript. The adjusted GPA will be used for determining academic standing to include suspension, probation, good standing, honors and dean's list.

The following conditions apply to both of these situations.

  • D and F grades remain on the transcript followed by a # notation but will be removed from the calculation of the cumulative GPA. (X, W, L, I, N and P grades are neutral and do not affect GPA.)
  • There is no limit on the number or type of courses that can be excluded within this policy.
  • Courses included in any credential (AA, AS, AAS, certificate or diploma) will not be excluded because those courses were used to satisfy the requirements of that credential.
  • After the most recent two-year absence or change of program or potential program, the student must earn a minimum of 12 additional credits with a GPA of 2.00 or higher for all courses taken after the absence or after the change of program. These credits can include developmental course work. If more than 12 credits have been completed at the time of application for renewal, all grades will be used to calculate the minimum 2.00 GPA requirement.
  • Once awarded, academic renewal cannot be revoked.
  • Students will typically apply for academic renewal as soon as they are eligible, but students may apply at anytime after they meet the qualifications and do not need to be currently enrolled to apply.
  • Only institutional credit is calculated into GPA. Transferred credit will not change the CCAC GPA.

Revised 3/12/2021

Meet with an academic advisor to discuss whether you are eligible for academic renewal.